Victor Cruz Fumble: Watch as Refs Completely Blow Call in Giants-Cardinals Game

Jeff ShullAnalyst IOctober 2, 2011

In case you missed it, the Giants were basically gift-wrapped a victory over the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday afternoon. 

Before I go into it, it's easy for anyone to say the refs were the sole reason the Giants won the game. But let's be honest, the Cardinals secondary didn't do themselves any favors. 

The Cardinals went ahead 27-17 with 5:20 left to go in the game and they had seemingly wrapped it up at that point. 

Well the Giants had other plans as Eli Manning led the offense down the field, capping a seven-play, 80-yard TD drive that only took 1:39 seconds without using a single timeout. 

The Giants then stopped the Cardinals on three plays, Aaron Ross returned the ball to the Cardinals' 48-yard line, and the offense was in business. 

The video shows what happens next. The referee describes the play as Victor Cruz "giving himself up" on the play. This would be the case if he slid feet first or took a knee, but seeing as how he did neither, the Cardinals should have been able to challenge. 

At that point, the game would have basically been over. There were about 2:45 seconds left when that play happened, so the Giants might have gotten the ball back, but with very little time left. 

For all intents and purposes, the Giants should have lost this game, despite the fact that Eli picked apart the defense to bring them back. 

Hakeem Nicks put it best when he said "God was on our side on that one."

At the same token, this is what winners do. Winners take advantage of opportunities presented and win ball games. This Giants team has felt very disrespected this season (just ask Brandon Jacobs), and this come-from-behind victory looks good on the resumé. 

Bottom line? Giants are 3-1 and a half game behind the Redskins for the division lead. I believe Giants fans will take it considering the string of injury luck they've been put through.