NFC West Power Rankings: Week 4

Chad MiddletonContributor ISeptember 30, 2011

NFC West Power Rankings: Week 4

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    It's getting uglier in the NFC West by the moment. I don't know if San Francisco got lucky or is Cincinnati that bad? Did Seattle really win a game? Did Arizona really lose that game? And will the Rams ever win a game?

    We really don't know much about any of these teams yet, but we can base the power rankings on what we do know. 

    Shall we?

1. San Francisco 49ers

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    I really can't figure it out yet. The 49ers beat the Bengals in Cincinnati in front of a junior varsity type crowd. But it wasn't because of Frank Gore. In another case of "Where's Frank?", the newly paid running back disappeared again. I'm not quite sure if he's off to a slow start like another newly paid running back in Nashville or if he's reached his mileage.  

    I know plenty of fantasy football people who are ready to dump Frank, and with another performance like that maybe they should, but his team is 2-1. That doesn't help the fantasy geeks but it does help catapult the 49ers to the top of the NFC West.

    This week they play Philadelphia, and I don't think you will see the same type of game you witnessed in Cincinnati. Philadelphia wins 28-10.  

2. Seattle Seahawks

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    I don't feel good about this one, but I can't rightfully put them behind the Cardinals whom they just beat, right? And I won't. They did just enough to win an ugly game last Sunday in Seattle. The Cardinals just weren't good enough. Sidney Rice made an immediate impact on return, and maybe that's what the offense needed even though it was still anemic most of the game. Rice had eight receptions for 109 yards, more than the rest of the team combined.

    This weekend will pose a bigger challenge for the Seahawks. Can they beat the Falcons? Nope. They do stand a better chance with that game in Seattle but not enough of a chance for me to pick them. Atlanta 28 Seattle 9

3. Arizona Cardinals

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    This game is going to haunt the Cardinals. Don't be surprised, near Week 15 we will be looking back at this game in Seattle where they should have won. They are the better team between the two but the offense refused to cooperate. Mostly, Kolb regressed. I won't say regressed totally but more like a reality check that he is the quarterback of a team that needs its quarterback to make very little errors because the rest of the team does fine on its own.

    A positive note for the Cardinals is that their defense played well. But something that should concern Cardinals fan is that if Jay Feely makes his field goals, they would be 3-0. He is on a short leash in my eyes, but fortunately my eyes don't mean a hill of beans.

    Expect the Cardinals in their black jerseys to upset the New York Giants this week pending on the fact that Beanie Wells and LaRod Stephens-Howling return. I think Kevin Kolb didn't like the taste of that loss in Seattle, and I expect a bounce back game this Sunday at home. Arizona 23 New York 20

4. St. Louis Rams

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    That brutal schedule is really taking a toll on the St. Louis Rams. Baltimore roughed them up so much at home, I wonder what the Rams are thinking right now. I'm sure they want to have a few words with the NFL schedule makers, but at the same time, thankful to the NFL division makers for putting them in the NFC Guess.  

    This week's game against the Redskins may be their best chance for a victory till November when conference play starts. That won't sit well with St. Louis fans, but fortunately they can probably ride the St. Louis baseball team's success for a little bit. 

    I don't think they want to see Joe Flacco (389 yards passing) or Torrey Smith (152 yards receiving) for a long time. Baltimore manhandled the Rams for 60 minutes and left Sam Bradford—well, see the picture above. 

    But fear not Rams fans, there will be true happiness Sunday in St. Louis. Redskins 18 St. Louis 17.  

    Oh! I meant the St. Louis Cardinals will have a 2-0 lead on the Phillies. Sorry for the misunderstanding.