NFL Picks Week 4: 5 Teams Guaranteed To Win and Win Big

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIISeptember 29, 2011

NFL Picks Week 4: 5 Teams Guaranteed To Win and Win Big

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    There is only one thing in the world that is better than watching your team win, and that's watching them win big.

    Close games can be extremely exciting for everybody, but they are often times also extremely stressful for fans of the teams involved.

    Conversely, while most casual watchers will change the channel during a blowout, a true fan sits and enjoys every last second of an easy win.

    There is nothing better than watching your team blowout an opponent.

    Are you in for a stress-free weekend of winning, or a nail-biting endeavor that could end up in a loss?

    Check and see if your team is one of five teams guaranteed to win big:

Green Bay Packers

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    It's going to be hard for the dramatic Broncos to go to Lambeau and pull off a close game, let alone a get a win.

    The Broncos are banged up, and just don't have the depth that the Packers possess to get over injures.

    On that note, the Packers are getting healthier on defense and are slowly regaining championship form. The turnovers are there; now they just need to shut down an opponent.

    I think Denver will be that opponent.

    Offensively, Aaron Rodgers just has far too many options, and I expect another big game from tight end Jermichael Finley.

    There is just no way to slow down the Packers right now.

New Orleans Saints

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    The Saints are starting to look like the team that won the Super Bowl just two years ago.

    Drew Brees is keeping his team on track despite all the injuries that have hit them recently.

    The Saints are putting up 34.7 points per game compared to only 9.7 from the Jaguars.

    It's literally that simple.

New England Patriots

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    I fear the Patriots after a big loss, and I especially fear them after a last-second loss to the Buffalo Bills.

    Bill Belichick is going to have his team ready, so it doesn't matter that they will be playing at a very tough road venue in Oakland.

    The Raiders are a good team, but if Tom Brady and Wes Welker even put up half the yards they did last week, Oakland has no chance.

Tennessee Titans

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    I simply cannot believe that Chris Johnson is going to have four bad weeks in a row.

    I think this will be Johnson's breakout week, and considering the Browns have allowed 128.7 rushing yards per game so far, I think he has a good shot at finally getting over 100 yards in a game.

    Matt Hasselbeck has been putting up some impressive numbers, so if Johnson finally gets running behind him, I think the Browns will be in for a long day.

Carolina Panthers

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    It's time for Cam Newton to collect his first win as a professional football player.

    Everything seems to be set for just that with their matchup against the Bears.

    Jay Cutler is obviously rattled under center for the Bears, and I don't expect much more out him this season. The Bears can't protect him, and he's just carelessly throwing the ball around the field.

    Newton is going to put up some big numbers. The Bears have given up and average of 386.7 yards per game this season.

    I expect Newton to equal or beat that number by himself. 

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