NFL Predictions: 5 Defenses Who Will Dominate in Week 4

Robert DemmettCorrespondent IIISeptember 27, 2011

NFL Predictions: 5 Defenses Who Will Dominate in Week 4

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    In Week 3, some teams such as the Ravens, Bucs, Falcons and Chargers played well on defense and are looking to build off of that performance for this week. These teams will instill fear into their opponents' offense, and maybe even dominate again this week.

    Week 3 taught the NFL world that some teams just lack offense. Teams like the Bengals, 49ers, Jaguars, Colts and Seahawks had poor performances on offense. These teams will have to improve on offense in order to stay away from being swallowed up by opposing defenses.

    So here are five defenses who will dominate in Week 4

1. Philadelphia Eagles

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    After a loss to an inferior team in a game where the defense was dreadful, the Eagles will take out their frustrations against the anemic 49ers. The Eagles' defense let them down last week. They could not tackle in the secondary and the Giants' receivers beat the vaunted Eagles secondary.

    The 49ers came off of an ugly 13-8 win against the Bengals to continue their East Coast swing. The 49ers struggled against the Bengals' defense so just wait until they meet an upset Eagles defense.

    To make a long story short, it should be a long day for Alex Smith.

2. New Orleans Saints

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    The Saints' defense had a rough start to their Week 3 matchup against the Texans. They were down early until the defense finally settled down and stopped the Texans' offense. After pulling out the win, the defense is licking its chops with the Jaguars coming up next.

    The Jaguars scored 10 points against the Panthers after being shut out by the Jets in Week 2. The Jaguars have 26 points in three games. With Blaine Gabbert starting, the Jaguars are giving the rookie needed experience if he is to become the next franchise quarterback.

    Maybe Luke McCown should be thrown in for this game.

3. Green Bay Packers

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    The Packers' defense hasn't had a great game yet this season. They have given up a lot of yards to Drew Brees and Cam Newton despite being 3-0. They effectively shut down Jay Cutler and the Bears in Week 3 and they will use this momentum to stop the Broncos this weekend.

    Green Bay will be at home looking to improve to 4-0 while the Broncos limp in after losing to Tennessee in a close battle in Week 3. Kyle Orton struggled along with the offense against an underrated Titans' defense, but they are not the Packers.

    This should be a blow-out.

4. Baltimore Ravens

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    The Jets were (insert expletive) awful in Week 3. Antonio Cromartie had the worst game of his life and the Jets were unable to take advantage of a rare Patriots loss (same old Jets, what makes me the maddest). Mark Sanchez needs to take better care of the ball and the offensive line has to improve if the Jets are to have any chance this season.

    Sorry for the rant, now onto the Ravens. Their defense is not a surprise. After dominating the Rams thanks to everybody's new waiver wire pickup Torrey Smith, the Ravens will play the Jets on Sunday Night Football in Week 4.

    The Jets will be traveling to a hostile environment. This will probably be a low scoring affair like last year's game, which the Ravens won 10-9. If you ask any true Jets fan what was one of the most embarrassing games from last season, they would tell you Week 1 against Baltimore.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    After a convincing win over their NFC South rivals in the Atlanta Falcons, the Bucs sit at a respectable 2-1 matchup staring at a tussle with the wounded Colts in Week 4. The Bucs shut down an Atlanta offense who just put 35 points up against the Eagles defense.

    Now the Bucs face Indianapolis, who despite scoring 20 points against the Steelers in a desperate attempt to save their season, come in at 0-3. Kerry Collins is hurt, Peyton Manning is out until December and Curtis Painter is certainly not the answer.

    The Bucs should be pumped to showcase their talents in front of a national audience on Monday night. The Colts come in with no quarterback and low morale, they will need some luck to pull this game out.


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    As Week 3 approaches an end, the contenders in the NFL have emerged. Some of these teams have been featured in this slideshow, as their defenses set the tempo for other aspects of their style of play. Combined with weak offenses, these defenses should stand out, whether you're a fan of these teams or not. 

    These teams should provide enough offense to win their respective games, but the team needs to thank the defenses for their wins this week.

    Thanks for the read and feel free to comment.

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