Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: 10 Guys Who Had a Big Sunday You Should Avoid

Ryan KennedyAnalyst IISeptember 27, 2011

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: 10 Guys Who Had a Big Sunday You Should Avoid

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    Every Sunday there are a handful of players who have a huge weekend out of no where and immediately become a fantasy football must-have. Unfortunately, those guys tend to not pan out. These are those guys.

    You will want to pick these guys up because of their big production on Sunday, but you will be disappointed come next Tuesday when you have lost, likely because of them. These are 10 guys you should resist the urge to pick up. Don't be the guy who didn't listen.

    As a disclaimer, these guys are owned on 70 percent of Yahoo! leagues or less meaning they may not be available in your league (not that you should pick them up anyway).

Mike Thomas, Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Mike Thomas likes to make incredible touchdown catches. Last year he caught a hail mary rebound to win a game. This year he caught Blaine Gabbert's first touchdown pass in a monsoon to end the half against the Carolina Panthers.

    Unfortunately, that is about as good as it gets as far as Mike Thomas is concerned. So far, he has a pedestrian 135 yards and a touchdown on the year. Take away that one catch from Gabbert and we are looking at the Jaguars' No. 1 receiver having 80 yards on the season.

    With Gabbert of Luke McCown throwing the ball, expect a lot of running plays called this year in Jacksonville.

Josh Cribbs, Cleveland Browns

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    When the NFL changed the kickoff rules this offseason, Josh Cribbs fantasy value dropped precipitously. He did have a nice weekend in the receiving game despite being a secondary option, but one weekend does not make a fantasy champion.

    Cribbs is averaging 34 yards a game. While his yardage has gone up each of the past two weeks, he will never be a home run hitter in the passing game, especially in a West Coast offense.

    Unless Cribbs can break a kickoff, he won't have consistent fantasy value. It's not worth picking him up unless you are very desperate.

Leonard Pope, Kansas City Chiefs

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    Leonard Pope was never known for his pass catching abilities. He did find the end zone this past weekend which is inflating his point total and possibly misleading you.

    With Tony Moeaki out for the season, Pope should have been more involved in the passing game. Since the Kansas City Chiefs have had one of the worst offenses in the league, Pope has struggled right along with them.

    Pope may end up with three more touchdowns this season, but which weeks he will receive them in is a mystery. More likely, his production should be 30 yards receiving, which in most leagues, translates to three points. That isn't worth the effort of picking him up in the first place.

Carnell Williams, St. Louis Rams

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    He didn't have the biggest weekend, but with Steven Jackson's status up in the air there are those of you who will pick him up. Don't.

    "Cadillac" is a starting running back in the NFL and has shown he can move the chains, but the St. Louis offense is sputtering and despite outputs of 75 and 91 yards rushing already, he still has not found paydirt and that is what wins you fantasy matchups.

    He may be good for 80 yards a game, but if you are hoping eight points is going to win your matchup this weekend, unless you are in the truly deepest league ever, you are in trouble.

James Casey, Houston Texans

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    James Casey had a huge day against the New Orleans Saints. It seems like everyone who lines up for the Houston Texans has a big day, though.

    Casey had 126 yards receiving and a touchdown to go with one rush for 11 yards. Not too shabby. Except, Houston was plagued by injuries at receiver so Casey got the call. That likely won't happen again. Even if it does, teams won't be as surprised to see him get some action.

    Look for Casey to disappear again after being this weeks "Surprise Fantasy Guy Who Would Have Destroyed You If Anyone Knew Who He Was" award winner.

Mark Sanchez, New York Jets

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    Mark Sanchez is a game manager.

    He has improved every season and has shown the ability to win a game on several occasions, but he does not provide the type of numbers that a starting quarterback needs to from a fantasy perspective.

    The New York Jets are a defense and run oriented team. Sanchez has been able to put up big numbers in two games this season, both when the Jets trailed. Rex Ryan is going to try and prevent that from being a pattern.

    The "Sanchise" also likes to turn the ball over. The last thing you need is a solid performance dragged down by a couple of interceptions. Unless Sanchez can keep the ball in his receivers hands, he doesn't need to be on your team.

Victor Cruz, New York Giants

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    Another receiver who had a huge day due to injuries to his teammates, Victor Cruz had 110 yards on three receptions for two touchdowns.

    With Mario Manningham and Domenik Hixon out, Cruz got called up and showed he belongs. Unfortunately for him, he won't be there for long. Hixon and Manningham are more proven and have shown the ability to be just as effective.

    That doesn't mean his name won't get called, it just won't be to this extent again.

Lance Moore, New Orleans Saints

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    Eighty-eight yards and one touchdown. That translated into a big fantasy weekend for Lance Moore, but don't be fooled. He has done this before.

    One week he is hot, so you pick him up and then he will have six yards total like he did against Chicago. There are too many options in the Saints offense for Drew Brees to need, or want, to fixate on one particular option. Welcome to the hell that was my fantasy roster last year.

    Even if Lance Moore continues to be part of the rotation, it is hit or miss whether he has another big week. There are better options out there like Nate Washington.

LaDainian Tomlinson, New York Jets

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    LaDainian Tomlinson doesn't have the same burst out of the backfield that he once had so his yards won't come from rushing anymore.

    Tomlinson had 116 yards receiving and a touchdown to go with 38 yards rushing. The Jets played from behind and Sanchez had to turn to the air more often than the Jets probably would like to. Sanchez doesn't have a huge arm, so he tends to go for short passes which is why Tomlinson's number got called so often.

    Unless Tomlinson breaks off a huge gain, he likely won't see the end zone that often. While he will be part of the passing game, he generally gets seven yards a catch. Unless he gets 15 catches at that rate, 100 yards games will be in short supply.

Torrey Smith, Baltimore Ravens

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    Torrey Smith burst onto the scene like not many have before.

    Too bad for him, that likely won't happen again. Lee Evans may or may not comeback, but Smith tweaked his own hamstring, as well. The odds of Smith catching three touchdowns in three receptions is likely not to happen, especially since after his first three catches, Smith was fairly quiet.

    Joe Flacco also happens to be a very hit or miss type quarterback. He has shown flashes, but never been able to consistently get a receiver to put up big numbers. It will take more than one game for me to believe Smith is the guy who puts it all together for Flacco.