Jets vs. Raiders: 4 Flaws That Oakland Exploited Against New York

Chris Dela Rosa@chris_deezyContributor ISeptember 26, 2011

Jets vs. Raiders: 4 Flaws That Oakland Exploited Against New York

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    The New York Jets travelled to Oakland with the hopes of remaining atop of their division by the end of the game, but left with a loss on their schedule as the Raiders ran right past them and won by a score of 34-24.

    At one point the Jets had a 17-7 lead, but after they obtained said lead, the Raiders went on a run of their own and scored 24 points unanswered to take a commanding 31-14 lead a minute into the fourth quarter.

    The Jets tried to make a comeback from the 14-point defecit just like they did against the Dallas Cowboys two weeks ago, but Hue Jackson's team made sure that would not happen.

    A fumble by Antonio Cromartie and holding penalty by Calvin Pace all helped the Raiders keep the Jets from making what could have been another great comeback, which would have put them atop the AFC East along with the Buffalo Bills.

    Instead, the Jets have to deal with trying to work their way back to the top and dealing with the several problems the Oakland Raiders exposed on Sunday in "The Black Hole".

    Without further ado, here are the problems the New York Jets need to resolve based off of their loss to the Oakland Raiders.

    As always, feedback is welcome.  Enjoy!

Antonio Cromartie

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    For the first two weeks of the season, Cromartie looked like he was on a mission to prove the Jets wrong for trying to get Nnamdi Asomugha to join the Jets, but against the Raiders he looked absolutely disgusting.

    Not only did Cromartie give receivers too much space on comeback routes, which normally would have been fine since he made the tackles, but when he decided to play "bump and run" all the way through, he failed.

    Antonio had penalties called against him at least four times, each penalty resulting in an Oakland first down and extending the drive as a whole. 

    For the first time in a while, a team did not have to worry about "Revis Island".  When the Raiders chose to throw the ball, all they had to do was throw towards Antonio Cromartie's side and let him do the rest for them.

    Not only was his play on defense poor, Cromartie did terribly as a returner.  When the Jets were down by one touchdown, Cromartie tried to be the big hero by trying to scoop a ball from the ground and fumbled.  When he recovered the ball, he fumbled again upon contact with a Raiders player and turned the ball over.

    This turnover allowed the Raiders to take a 14 point lead, leaving the Jets with less than nine minutes to score twice, and as you already know, that did not happen seeing as the Jets lost 34-24.

Jets Defense

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    Not only was Cromartie's play on defense very poor, the unit as a whole did not produce against the Raiders fast paced offense. 

    It was evident at the beginning of the game against the Raiders that the Jets defense was going to have trouble against the Raiders as Oakland was able to go from inside their own 20 into Jets territory on only three plays.

    You may be asking why Darren McFadden is the picture of this slide, that is because he was one of the players that led to the Jets destruction during this game.  On 19 carries, McFadden rushed for 171 yards with 2 touchdowns.

    Last season, it was rare to see the Jets let a team rush for over 100 yards, there is obviously a problem here as the Raiders did not do much very special to create holes for McFadden.  Aside from the one trick play gone bad that McFadden was able to convert into a big gain, the Raiders stuck to a pretty convention running game, which the Jets could not handle.

    Not only did the Jets allow McFadden to run all over them, they could not put pressure on Jason Campbell.  The Jets defense only had one sack, and their ability to give Campbell extra time was evident when he was able to scramble and throw a 28 yard pass to Michael Bush that allowed the Raiders to kick a field goal and give them a 10 point lead with two minutes remaining in the game.

    If the Jets defense wants to stop Ray Rice, Joe Flacco and company their defense will need to work on being a lot more disciplined when it comes to their scheme, avoid penalties, and apply pressure.  If they do not improve, it could be a long season, resulting in a losing season for the first time since 2007.

Offensive Line

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    Throughout the first half, the Raiders were putting pressure on Mark Sanchez, but it was not until the second half when they realized that if they sent one or two more people, that they'd be able to sack Sanchez.

    In the second half, Mark Sanchez was sacked four times and was hit 6 times over the course of the game.  For a young quarterback, those are statistics you do not want to see.

    The Jets have great receivers in Plaxico Burress, Santonio Holmes, Derrick Mason and Dustin Keller, but without enough time in the pocket, Mark Sanchez cannot utilize these great receivers.  

    Most people would blame the offensive line's poor performance against the Raiders on the fact that center Nick Mangold was inactive because of his high ankle sprain, but Colin Baxter did pretty well considering he was added to the team less than a month ago and was an undrafted free agent entering this season.

    One of the players that was very disappointing today was right tackle Wayne Hunter.  Last season, the Jets lost their starting right tackle Damien Woody as the end of the season approached; Wayne Hunter stepped in and performed well throughout the end of the season and into the playoffs, leading people to believe that he would perform well this season.  Thus far, he has had problems with every teams the Jets have faced and it does not seem like it is going to get better.

    Also, many people (including myself) blamed Shonn Greene for the lack of production by the Jets running game, but the majority of the blame should be put upon the offensive line.  When the Jets tried to run between the tackles, the Raiders would stop them, but when they ran sweep plays, Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson would gain chunks of yards.

    Needless to say, but offensive line coach Bill Callahan definitely needs to work with his group this week as the Jets will have to take on a tough Baltimore defensive line.

Brian Schottenheimer

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    Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer had his moments against the Raiders, but then others were just plain reckless.

    Schottenheimer has been someone under criticism for almost two years now, year after year he has a great offense at his disposal, and then finds a way to mess it up.  

    His play-calling at times has become very obvious, even I found myself calling out what the next play the Jets offense would run and would not be too far off from what they actually ran.  For example, when Mark Sanchez was sacked by Jarvis Moss and one other player, I knew that the Jets were going to run a play-action pass.

    It is understandable that Schottenheimer employs the philosophy of "if it works, keep doing it until they stop it", but the Raiders defensive line was already doing pretty well against the play-action passes at this point in the game.  Had Sanchez reacted any later to seeing Moss coming his way, he could have been seriously hurt as his head took impact from both players.

    Schottenheimer cannot keep calling the same kinds of plays no matter how successful they were early on in the game; teams make adjustments, which means something else needs to be tried.  Hue Jackson and the Raiders did that in the second half by running successful trick plays against the Jets defense, but Brian Schottenheimer and the Jets did not make many adjustments to what they saw from the Raiders.