Tony Romo: Why It's So Easy To Resent Him

Sean DowlingContributor IIISeptember 14, 2011

Tony Romo: Why It's So Easy To Resent Him

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    Love him or hate him; there's no in between.

    You can't deny that Tony Romo is a constant topic of conversation amongst sports fans and always under the proverbial microscope, not just Dallas Cowboy fans.

    With so much that surrounds the position of being the quarterback of "America's team," it's easy for a vast majority of people to hate and loathe anything to do with the Dallas Cowboys.

    But the majority of fans resent Tony Romo for the wrong reasons.

    If you are a fan of a rival NFC East team, your opinion is understandable and justified. But for the majority of the country that scrutinizes and critiques his every move, this is simply not the case.

    The following are the wrong reasons to dislike Tony Romo, but sadly, they are the real reasons why a lot of people and fans dislike him.

Naturally Gifted Athlete

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    A lot of casual fans dislike the fact that Romo not only plays golf, but he's scratch.

    Not "scratch" like your buddy sometimes claims who frequently shoots in the low 80s, Romo can play. Right now, he's officially a 3.3 but has shot a 64 and 65 numerous times in tournaments. He's also attempted to qualify for not only the Byron Nelson, but also the US Open.

    Romo doesn't play during the season with the exception of "maybe one round with his father during the Cowboy's bye week." So it never interferes with his duty as the leader of the Cowboys.

    Romo was also an exceptional basketball player in high school and was the runner-up for the prestigious Mr. Basketball award in Wisconsin in his senior year of high school.

People Just LOVE to HATE the Cowboys

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    There are a few teams in sports that have a massive following, in addition to massive hatred. The Dallas Cowboys are a prime example of one of these teams.

    Whether you resent their success with five Super Bowl titles, their brash billionaire owner or you just plain hate the state of Texas. The only real reason you should dislike the Dallas Cowboys, and Romo especially, is if you are a fan of the Redskins, Eagles or New York Giants, or the Cowboys are playing "your team" this Sunday.

    Any other reason you dislike the Cowboys and are jumping on the negativity bandwagon is simply bogus.

Romo's Hollywood Women

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    Fans are spiteful and sometimes jealous.

    Let's face it: Tony Romo dates gorgeous women. He recently got married over the summer to former Miss Missouri Candice Crawford. In the past, he's dated Jessica Simpson in addition to Carrie Underwood (pictured).

    So when fans see a guy that already has it all, gets paid millions to play a children's game, then you throw in a stunning celeb, it's the icing on the cake to the disgust and resentment.

4th Quarter Meltdowns and "Choking"

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    Romo needs to make better decisions in the fourth quarter of big games.

    He has an awful tendency to turn it over in a big spot, but with that said, there are only six to seven quarterbacks in the league you'd rather have than him. But even that is debatable, in terms of your ethics; seeing as how one of that six to seven group has as many sexual assault accusations as rings.

    Critics also love to bring up that Tony Romo's record in the playoffs in 1-3.

    Last I checked, only ONE team gets the Lombardi Trophy every season, and all playoffs teams end with a loss besides one.

    Here are some other notable playoff records for guys not scrutinized half as much as Romo:

    Michael Vick- 2-3

    Matt Ryan- 0-2

    Phillip Rivers- 3-4

    Peyton Manning- 9-10

    Drew Brees- 4-3

    Romo may deserve additional grief for botching a hold in Seattle, but generally speaking, he isn't a choke artist and is consistently in the top 10 of literally every important passing statistic you measure a successful quarterback by.

    Tony also has a career passer rating of 95.5yeah, let that soak in; it's not a typo. That's good for fourth all time, not for the Cowboys, but for the history of the league.

Can He Change His Reputation?..

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    Romo is accountable, likeable and quiet. He's usually wearing an "aww shucks" or dopey smile on his face, even while facing adversity in big games.

    Romo is also committed to being a leader and becoming a better quarterback everyday. What's not to like about any of this?

    He's never involved in any off-the-field nonsense or locker room problems. He's earned his spot on the Cowboys after going undrafted out of Eastern Illinois. Sean Payton and Bill Parcells gave him a chance, and he exceeded expectations. His entire athletic career, he's been proving people wrong and overachieving.

    I have a feeling the only was he will ever get these "haters" off his back is with a Super Bowl win and the ring to show everyone they were wrong, again.