Tom Brady's Case To Be the Best Ever

Josh BarnettCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2011

Tom Brady's Case To Be the Best Ever

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    One thing you will not see in this is hate. Only facts. I have taken some heat from comment haters in the past for that, but you cannot argue the points I will present.

    A lot of men in NFL history have strong cases to be in this spot. Anyone ever hear the names Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Dan Marino and Joe Montana, among others?

    However, in all this man gives the total package. No running like Michael Vick, and only in the last few years has he become a fantasy staple to owners like me this year (and I might move him if he scores enough to convince my sister to take him for Vick), but when anyone has ever needed a guy at the QB position to win a game, no one has been better than Tom Brady.

    Here is his case. 

1. Best Fundamental Technique

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    A big problem with taking guys like Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert in the 2011 draft was the learning curve they will have survive in technique. Those guys have never dropped back from center in their football lives and hence have to totally fix their style.

    I personally want a guy like Jake Locker or Tom Brady, who was under center and already knows pro-style footwork and throwing motion. Brady's job at this is flawless.

2. Championships

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    This man is only in his early 30s, so he still has a wide open window to get another one or two championships.

    Remember that his first Superbowl was against the mighty St. Louis Rams and Kurt Warner, who were the heavy favorites.

    Three championships later and almost no one picks against Brady anymore.


3. Undisputed Best Draft Value Ever

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    I mean, c'mon! This one's a gimme if there ever was one.

    How many millions are spent trying to find a guy like this—or even half the guy Bill Belichick found out of Michigan in the sixth round with pick No. 196?

    There were no cries from fans to want to see this guy play, and when his time came we witnessed the birth of the best QB ever. 

4. Work Ethic, Leadership

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    I'm not sure how many backup QBs could ever have the year Matt Cassell did (winning 10 games for the Patriots the year Brady was hurt) that landed him a five-year, huge contract to start for the Chiefs.

    I personally like to attribute a lot of that to Brady, the film room study, the preparation, knowledge of the playbook so you have the ability to audible in the winning play, the expectations of your backups at your position.

    My friends know I love Jake Locker in this draft class, but my second favorite probably has to be Ryan Mallett. Brady will push him and work him to be the best he can be. If the Patriots plan on making Mallett the successor, he will be great. However, I personally don't think Brady will be done anytime soon and Mallett will have a chance in a few years to be Matt Cassel 2.0 because of Brady.

5. The Touchdown Record

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    Brady and Randy Moss put on a season for the history books that will not be remembered half as much as it could have been anymore since they lost the Super Bowl to the Giants, but haters cannot argue with this: breaking Peyton Manning's record and the way he did it.

    Most were not checkdowns to Wes Welker and Laurence Maroney, but deep balls to Moss that were not even contested by guys like Darrelle Revis, Champ Bailey and Ed Reed.

6. A Gorgeous Wife (Model Gisele Bundchen)

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    As the old cliche goes, "Behind every great man is a great woman."

7. Wins Games

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    The first few years of Brady's career, he was not all that good of a fantasy QB, but everyone wanted him on their football team every game day because he wins games.

    Since he and Belichick have been together, the Patriots' win percentage has been unparalleled.  One thing that has not happened a lot in his career has been the Patriots losing on his account. 

8. Intensity

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    I love a guy who will push back at the mean linebackers Bart Scott and Ray Lewis and who headbutts the O-line after a TD.

    The Patriots' intensity and winning pedigree starts at the top with their franchise QB.