6 Roster Cuts the New Yorks Jets Should Make

Chris Dela Rosa@chris_deezyContributor ISeptember 1, 2011

6 Roster Cuts the New Yorks Jets Should Make

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    With the end of preseason comes roster cuts and the new season of football. For all teams it is a numbers game where organizations are looking to see where they have too many players, enough players and not enough players. Feelings get hurt, dreams get crushed; but it is all a part of the business fans love to watch: the National Football League.

    This year, there are some clear-cut decisions as to where the Jets need to "trim the fat," while roster battles are carrying into the final week of preseason, making it a lot harder for coaches to make decisions on who they want to keep and who they want to get rid of.  

    Here's a look at some of the positions where the Jets front office and coaching staff will have to work together and make a decision as to who stays and who goes.

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Quarterback: Drew Willy

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    Drew Willy is New York's fourth-string quarterback. It is already a little much that the Jets will have three quarterbacks playing. Mark Sanchez, of course, will be the starter, while Greg McElroy will be the true second-string quarterback, as he has received a good amount of playing time so far.  

    Meanwhile, the veteran Mark Brunell will be on the team to mentor Sanchez and McElroy, who are two young quarterbacks that could use the leadership. With these three likely being on the roster, it leaves Willy as the odd man out.

    He will likely be given the boot after the Jets play the Eagles.

Wide Receiver: Michael Campbell

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    At receiver the Jets already have Jeremy Kerley, Plaxico Burress, Santonio Holmes, Patrick Turner and Derrick Mason. They will probably keep one or two other receivers, but Michael Campbell will not be one of those players.

    The young receiver had his chance to make the roster when the Jets played the Texans during the first week of preseason. Quarterback Greg McElroy threw him a beautiful pass in the end zone, which would have given the Jets a late lead, but Campbell let it slip through his hands.  

    The Jets substitutes could not recover from the drop and ended up losing the game.

Running Back

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    Another position loaded with players is running back. The Jets already have Shonn Greene, who will take the majority of carries this year; LaDainian Tomlinson, who will play as a third-down running back; and Joe Mcknight, who will be an emergency running back if either of the other two are injured.  

    Meanwhile, there is a slight battle brewing at running back as the Jets have two players trying to make the team.

    Bilal Powell has shown some promise this preseason, as he has rushed for 58 yards, while Chris Jennings joined the conversation following a spectacular rush for more than 60 yards against the Bengals during the second week of the preseason.  

    The Jets will likely get rid of Jennings before the start of the season; he did not have a carry in the Jets' preseason victory against the Giants.

Inside Linebacker

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    With Bart Scott and David Harris leading the way for the Jets' inside linebackers, they do not need to stock up on players. What this will do, though, is create a battle for the spots between three players who have impressed and made their names known this preseason.  

    First is Brashton Satele, who seemed like a pointless signing when the Jets brought him in last season, especially since he spent almost all of last preseason on the bench. But this year, he is beginning to impress by making tackles in the backfield and finding the ball carrier.  

    Next is Josh Muaga, who is likely to be the second-string linebacker. He made sure his name was known on the third play this preseason when he sacked Matt Schaub in the Jets' game against the Texans.  

    Last up is Nick Bellore, who has not been doing as well as Satele or Mauga during games, but was able to catch Rex Ryan's attention earlier this preseason.

    Other players that may get the boot before the season opens are Joey LaRocque, Matthias Berning and Lance Laury.


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    By the beginning of the season, the Jets will have five cornerbacks and an emergency player on the roster. Right now though, they have seven—which is going to start a small roster battle to see who gets the fifth spot.

    The players that will already be on the roster come September 11th are Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, Donald Strickland and Kyle Wilson, with Dwight Lowery as the emergency cornerback since he is now becoming a safety.  

    The three cornerbacks trying to get the last spot are Marquice Cole, Ellis Lankster and Julian Posey. Cole has been the last cornerback on the roster for a few years and is the favorite to get the spot going into the final preseason game.  

    Unless one of the two players does extremely well against the Eagles, Cole will be riding the bench once again.


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    The Jets have a battle brewing between their kickers. The veteran, Nick Folk, is fighting to keep his job, while the young guy, Nick Novak, is fighting to make the team.

    Folk is shaky at best, which is why the Jets have been trying out both kickers. Depending on the day, you never know what you are going to get with Folk and his age does not allow the Jets to try and mold him into a better kicker.  

    Meanwhile, Nick Novak is young, with room for improvement, and kicks just as well as Folk. What is really keeping the Jets from making their decision earlier during the preseason is the new contract they gave to Nick Folk once the lockout came to an end. It will be interesting to see how the Jets "trim the fat" at this position.

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