Oakland Raiders: Moving Pass the Past, Headed Toward the Future to Get TDs

Honor Warren Wells TheTorchSenior Writer IIAugust 20, 2011

There is nothing wrong with an article that covers Football 101—a beginning course to understand where the Oakland Raiders have been and where they are going.

Many of this writer's supporters and readers are young college students in basic mathematics classes who do not understand the power that numbers and statistical analysis convey. Some things are measurable in football, so that is why there is so much NFL data to discuss.

Let's focus on an era, say, once upon a time, when the Oakland Raiders went after touchdowns more than field goals. At least, that is my opinion of the situation in the sixties. When you look back at history, you see eras when the Oakland Raiders were jam-packed with guys who aggressively went after touchdowns. Let's take a look at 1968.

Scoring Summary

16George Blanda41K141         5421 117
81Warren Wells*26SE1412111     12    72
25Fred Biletnikoff25FL1414 6  1  7    42
23Charlie H. Smith22 14352     7    42
33Billy Cannon31TE1413 6     6    36
40Pete Banaszak24HB131141     5    30
35Hewritt Dixon*+28FB141322     41   26
43George Atkinson*21PR/KR/lcb146  2  1 3    18
30Roger Hagberg29 14111     2    12
22Larry Todd26 302      2    12


This list focuses on the players who scored in double digits in 1968. The source of this historical data is Pro Football Reference.

In 2011, there are about 14 wide receivers on the roster. It would be great to see a replay of the brilliance and effectiveness of guys like Billy Cannon, Hewitt Dixon, Pete Banaszak, Charlie Smith and Larry Todd.

It certainly would be fantastic to see some of the players develop into outstanding score-grabbers like Fred Biletnikoff, Warren Wells and George Blanda.

Oh yes, Raider Nation truly appreciates what Sebastian Janikowski brings to the game. We just want more touchdowns in 2011.

The depth chart shows this lineup for the offense:


85 Darrius Heyward-Bey

18 Louis Murphy

17 Denarius Moore


12 Jacoby Ford

81 Chaz Schilens89 Nick Miller

Let's hope these players get in sync and give us those fantastic touchdowns like Biletnikoff and Wells did in 1968.

Some folks say that history repeats itself. Well, let's personify "history" and speak to it and say, "Repeat yourself in 2011 and let the Oakland Raiders get at least 48 touchdowns in 2011."

We also want one of the 2011 players to get as many as 12 or more touchdowns to outperform retired players like Warren Wells, who got 12 touchdowns in 1968.

It is time to show that this generation of players is smarter and better than their forefathers on the playing field. If the older players were able to perform so well more than 43 years ago, it just seems  reasonable to expect more from this generation of Oakland Raiders.

DHB, Murphy, Moore, Ford, Schilens and Miller: Accept the challenge and give us those touchdowns in 2011.