NFL Free Agents 2011: Vince Young and 10 Most Electrifying Signings

Lake CruiseAnalyst IJuly 30, 2011

NFL Free Agents 2011: Vince Young and 10 Most Electrifying Signings

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    What is life like for Vince Young and the most electrifying NFL free agents after the long-lasting lockout?  Teams are tugging at their ankles, while the players are trying to keep their balance and fall into the right situations.

    Chad Ochocinco (a non-free agent) claims he landed in heaven (New England), but how soon will he and the rest of migrating NFL players feel about their new teams, in say...Week 12?  I'll be typing and telling you all about them.  So keep in touch.

    The NFL's free agent frenzy is in full fallout mode right now, and I've compiled a list of the best moves so far.  Follow me and find out which signing was No. 1 on my charts.

    Charting NFL success is a relatively easy proposition, just like starting this show.  Let's go.  Roll slides baby boys and girls.

10. Plaxico Burress: From Behind Bars to Potentially Balling

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    After serving time in prison and being released June 6, Burress is a changed man—thanks in large part to the NFL's resident mentor, Tony Dungy.

    Burress' ability to reel in recklessly thrown back shoulder fades—especially in the end zone—is something he probably most definitely didn't loose while behind bars.  Judging by Michael Vick's success after coming back from prison, Burress should revive his NFL career without a hitch and go.

    Plax is older than Vick, but he looks like he's in tremendous physical shape.  Time will tell what he can do on the field and who for.  He should be as electrifying as he was before incarceration in New York state.

    Burress met with the Giants, yesterday, and will reportedly meet with his other former team—the Pittsburgh Steelers—today (Saturday).  Good luck to P.B.

9. Brandon Jackson: From Cheese Head to Dog Pound

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    Super Bowl champion Brandon Jackson agreed to a reported two-year deal with the Browns on Thursday.

    In his first three years, Jackson was a career backup in Green Bay.  He got his chance to start down the stretch after Ryan Grant's horrific ankle injury. 

    Brandon then bowled opposing defenses over to the tune of over 700 yards and three touchdowns.  He’ll provide a solid backup and one-two punch with incumbent Peyton Hillis.

8. Tarvaris Jackson: He Learned First-Hand How Favre Became a Superstar

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    Jackson got "played" by his former head coach in Minnesota, Brad Childress, but Tarvaris now has his chance to show the man was indeed wrong.  T.J. was promised the starting role, only to end up being lied to—allegedly—by Childress.

    Brad rubbed several of the Vikings the wrong way and ended up being shipped out of town.  Jackson didn't stay around, either, and will join one of his former star receivers in Seattle.

    I'll be watching and bringing you the latest developments concerning T.J.'s NFL progress.  I hope my future reports don't include the phrase "Brett Favre joins the Seahawks."  Stay hawking for my columns, though, my dear readers.  Next slide, please.

7. Eric Weddle: Wedded to San Diego

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    In the last four seasons, Weddle has amassed a total of 359 tackles.  The former second-round pick isn't as electrifying as a young Ed Reed, but Weddle recently became the highest paid free agent in the NFL—according to several reports and sources including Warren Sapp of the NFL Network. 

    In his second season, Weddle had 127 total tackles—105 of them solo.  He's only scored two NFL touchdowns, but the San Diego Chargers should be a very formidable defense with him in the mix. 

6. Matt Hasselbeck: A "Mentor" Now

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    Hasselbeck is supposed to serve as a mentor to rookie Jake Locker, but I believe Matt still has some NFL touchdown passes in him.  Don't be surprised if Hasselbeck wins the starting job in training camp this year. 

    As of this writing, running back Chris Johnson isn't in camp with the Titans, so whoever the quarterback is could suffer greatly without him as a member of the team. 

    If Johnson holds out for the entire season, then neither Hasselbeck nor Locker will produce much electricity in Tennessee.  We'll see what happens.

5. Vince Young: All He Does Is Win Games, When He's Not Tossing Shoulder Pads

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    Can you imagine one team with quarterbacks Michael Vick and Vince Young?  Well, you don't have to because it's a reality. 

    V.Y. agreed to terms with the Philadelphia Eagles and will join Vick in one of the most talented quarterback tandems ever in the NFL.  All both men do is win and spark controversy while doing it.

    Vick made the return to glory of the last NFL decade, while Young will be looking to doing the same after his fall from grace in Tennessee.  Good luck to both young men.

    This is an absolutely incredible development that has flown under the radar in the media.  Stay tuned, though, I have a feeling I'll have more on this revolting development—to some people—in the next few days.

4. Sidney Rice: The New Seattle Treat

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    Sid "The Kid" Rice will join his former Minnesota Vikings teammate, Tarvaris Jackson, in Seattle.

    They could together rain a lot of touchdown tosses down on their cloudy opponents.  Their division, for now, is pretty tame in terms of cornerbacks and defensive backs.

    While Jackson was virtually a career backup and could experience growing pains as the Seahawks' starting quarterback, he apparently has enough skill for Pete Carroll's taste.  Rice could be a tasty addition for the Hawks, who should have a solid running game to help the new quarterback.

    Just add butter—but not on Rice's fingertips.  He's become one of the best and most sure-handed receivers in the NFL.

3. Nnamdi Asomugha: The Long Arms of the African Law

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    As opposed to Darrelle Revis, Asomugha generally plays on one side of the defense.  It could have been due to defensive schemes in Oakland, but at least one of his former teammates believes he prefers to be a one-sided cornerback supreme.

    Sapp—NFL Network's talking head slapper—is Nnamdi's former Raiders teammate I'm talking about.

    Revis is lauded for being able to defend slot receivers and both cornerback sides.  He could probably play safety, run back punts or line up as a slot receiver if they asked him to.

    Nnamdi is still the premier prize of this crop of free agent CB's though.  He will help the young Philadelphia defense contain some of the top receivers in the NFC East.

    Now they have to figure out what to do with Asante Samuel and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in a suddenly crowded defensive backfield.

2. Santonio Holmes: No. 1 in New York

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    While Holmes is obviously now the N.Y. Jets most prioritized wideout, the high-flying former Super Bowl MVP will need help from his quarterback to touch down in the end zone in N.J.

    Playing their home games across the water in the N.J. Meadowlands, the Jets hope the electricity in the stadium stays on long enough for Holmes to perform like he did with Pittsburgh. 

    He'll have plenty of opportunities because he's going to be expected to help carry the offense.

    Mark Sanchez to Holmes/Burress could be lights out combinations. 

1. Darren Sproles: More Productive Than Reggie Bush

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    A more productive Reggie Bush, the diminutive but explosive Sproles won't be wearing the bolt on his helmet any longer.  He agreed to a reported four-year, $14 million deal with the vaunted offense in New Orleans.

    Quarterback Drew Brees, according to, told the Associated Press that he "pulled out all the stops" in bringing Sproles—his former Chargers teammate—to N.O.

    Already one of the most electrifying players in the NFL, Sproles could have the best years of his career as a member of the Saints.  Watch out for that offense.  With Darren Sproles, they could set NFL scoring records.  I said it.  Record it, take a picture and write it down dude.

    Catch me next time on Lake's Electric Company Chronicles.