NFL Free Agents 2011: 5 Potential Destinations for Sidney Rice

Jake SilverCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2011

NFL Free Agents 2011: 5 Potential Destinations for Sidney Rice

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    Now that Santonio Holmes just signed a deal to stay with his New York Jets for the next five years, the big question is where the other stud receiver in this free-agent class, Sidney Rice, will sign.

    Argued by some to have been the best receiver in the 2011 class despite Holmes, Rice is surely going to get a barrage of offers now from teams that were eyeballing Holmes.

    The Minnesota Vikings very badly want to keep Rice in the fold. The question is, will somebody else be able to pry him away?

    Here are Rice's five biggest potential suitors now that Holmes is off the market.

5. Cincinnati Bengals

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    The Cincinnati Bengals are in pretty bad shape. They have a washed-up Cedric Benson in legal trouble, Carson Palmer would rather retire than play for them and Chad Ochocinco is likely to be traded or released at long last.

    It might be a prudent thing for the Bengals to let Ochocinco walk and try to sign Sidney Rice. Or keep him and sign Rice. They have plenty of cash to do it. A.J. Green and Andy Dalton are going to need some help out there, and Rice would be just what the doctor ordered.

    Cincinnati is in prime position to lock up any free agent they want, so they should at least be giving Rice a look. Wouldn't you if you had to spend $60 million just to hit the cap floor?

4. Chicago Bears

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    The Chicago Bears are another team with way too much money on their hands, and not many players they want to pay.

    The Bears are in dire need of a wide receiver, and since we already know Sidney Rice is the best available, they should be giving him a good look. What could be better than prying a top-10 wide receiver away from a division rival? They would throw loads of cash his way to take the Minnesota Vikings' top receiving threat off of the roster.

    Look for them to make Rice a solid offer, since they can also sell him on their ability to make a deep playoff run.

3. Washington Redskins

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    The Washington Redskins were going to be Santonio Holmes' biggest suitor other than the Jets, so now that he is off the market, they must look to the next best option.

    Sidney Rice would provide the home run threat the Redskins are so desperately searching for. Santana Moss is just too old to be the No. 1 guy anymore, and with John Beck slated to be the starting quarterback, Dan Snyder is really looking for a pair of sure hands to provide security for the inexperienced quarterback.

    Rice is everything Snyder loves in a free agent: talented, flashy, puts up big numbers and commands large sums of cash. Look for the Washington Redskins to at least try to pry him out of Minnesota.

    Snyder will throw him a boatload of cash.

2. Seattle Seahawks

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    The Seattle Seahawks have a ton of spending room, and they could use an upgrade to the wide receiver corps now that Matt Hasselbeck is gone.

    Sidney Rice is their top free-agent target at the moment, and they have already begun the bidding war with the Minnesota Vikings. They are the most likely destination for him to ditch the Vikings for.

    A tandem of Brandon Stokeley, Golden Tate, Mike Williams, John Carlson and Sidney Rice would be monstrous, even if Tavaris Jackson is the quarterback. Only time will tell, but the war between the Seahawks and the Vikings is just getting started.

1. Minnesota Vikings

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    The Minnesota Vikings still remain Sidney Rice's top suitor. They need him just as desperately as any WR-deficient team does.

    Without Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin becomes the Minnesota Vikings' top threat. He's definitely good, but not No. 1 good. Plus, now that the Vikings are about to acquire Donovan McNabb, they are surely thinking deep playoff run, as they did when they signed Brett Favre for the 2009 season.

    With Sidney Rice on the roster, the Vikings are a dangerous team no matter who their quarterback is, and they will be looking to keep Rice in the fold, no matter the cost.

    Vikings fans can just hope that his loyalty is strong enough to stick around for a new contract. They can sell him away from Seattle with promises of Super Bowls, something the Seahawks cannot promise him just yet.

    Chances are he will stick around.