NFL Free Agent Rumors: Where Will Plaxico Burress End Up?

Neri Stein@neristeinFeatured ColumnistJuly 27, 2011

NFL Free Agent Rumors: Where Will Plaxico Burress End Up?

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    Former New York Giant Plaxico Burress may not be one of the top wide receivers on the free-agent market, but he's definitely one of the most intriguing. 

    He spent the last two years in jail instead of on the field, but in the NFL, everyone's last memory of him is his Super Bowl-winning touchdown catch against the New England Patriots in 2008.

    He made loads of clutch grabs that season, so plenty of teams are understandably interested in Burress.

    Let's look at who some of them are today. 

St. Louis Rams

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    Sam Bradford is the hottest young quarterback in the NFL, and he just missed out on taking St. Louis to the playoffs last season. 

    A playmaker like Plaxico Burress could be the difference for Bradford and the Rams this year. 

    To be fair, Burress is getting these rumors going himself. 

    He said in a radio interview that Bradford has the tools to become the next "elite quarterback" in the league and that St. Louis is an "appealing" place to be right now. 

    Plax also knows St. Louis coach Steve Spagnuolo from their days in New York, which could mean a smooth transition back into the NFL.

    Plax is eager to get his career back on track, and the Rams are eager to get back into contention. Not a bad match here and a fresh start for Plax. 

Miami Dolphins

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    Plaxico Burress lives in Miami in the offseason, and he'd love to spend the season there as well. 

    The Dolphins haven't showed a whole lot of interest in him, but if they can't nab some of their top targets in free agency, they may broaden their horizons.  

New York Giants

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    Michael Vick's redemption with Philadelphia was the feel-good story of last season, but wouldn't it be even more heart-warming to see Plaxico Burress' path to redemption start back in New York?

    Reports originally said there was "no chance" for a Giants reunion with Burress, but New York and the wideout have apparently warmed to the idea.

    Giants quarterback Eli Manning and co-owner Steve Tisch have both contacted Burress, and Burress and coach Tom Coughlin were supposed to meet Wednesday, but it has been pushed back to Friday.

    Upon being released from prison earlier this year, Burress did nothing to please the Giants front office, criticizing Coughlin in particular, but the fact remains that the Giants haven't made the playoffs since Plax was with the team.

    Coughlin is on a hot seat in New York, especially after some late-game collapses last year, and he needs someone who can come up in clutch moments. 

    Plax has already done plenty of that for the Giants. 

Some Other Teams That Could Use Him

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    Plaxico Burress is just interested in playing football again, so he could go anywhere, and there are plenty of teams that could be interested in him.


    Philadelphia Eagles

    Michael Vick faced an even more uphill battle upon his NFL return, so he could surely help Burress out, and those two explosive offensive players plus DeSean Jackson could take the Eagles back to the Super Bowl.


    New York Jets

    The Jets have agreed to a deal with Santonio Holmes and will likely lose Braylon Edwards because of it. Burress will probably come cheaper, and he's got the drive and tenacity that Rex Ryan loves.


    Washington Redskins

    Plax isn't the top receiver on the market, and the Redskins aren't in a position to nab the pick of the litter. Still, Plax could be a big piece of the rebuild in Washington.


    Cincinnati Bengals

    Unlikely, but maybe Cincinnati is sick of the theatrics from all its players, especially receivers. You can bet Plax will be on good behavior from now on. He's suffered much more than just being suspended for a few games.