San Francisco 49ers' 2011 Polls: What Do Fans Think?

Ryan The Broker@@ryanthebrokerAnalyst IJune 25, 2011

As a 49er fan myself, I have high hopes about the coming season.

My first hope is that we actually have a season. Everything indicates that will happen now. Thank god! Otherwise, I am not sure how I would have spent my Sundays and Monday evenings come fall.

My second hope is that the 49ers will begin their path back to greatness. There are a lot of determining factors that will decide whether the 49ers are in fact on the path back.

I wanted to see how my fellow 49er fans feel about the most crucial. Please take the time to cast your vote below. I am looking forward to seeing the results. 


Unknown No. 1



Will Coach Jim Harbaugh be as successful in the NFL as he was in the NCAA?

Many coaches have made the transition from college to the NFL, only to return back to college quickly in defeat. There have been a few success stories, but not many.

I think his 14 years of NFL quarterback experience will help him in his success. I also believe that his brother's success will help him in some way as well.

But you never know. We all may be wishing Mike Singletary was still our coach this time next year. Okay, highly doubt it, but anything is possible.

Does Coach Harbaugh have what many before him didn't?


Unknown No. 2



What can we expect from Alex Smith this year?

If you are reading this article then you most likely know the story of Alex Smith, so I won't repeat it. The question is about this coming year. 

Most people feel that the addition of Coach Jim Harbaugh and the new offense will improve Alex Smith instantly. I do not agree.

I hope Alex Smith does well. At least well enough to not hold the Niners back, or loose games. But I think I may differ from a majority of Niner fans when I say, I have serious doubts about Alex Smith.

Sometimes I feel like the only human left in an Alex Smith zombie world

Recently asked if he expected fans to be patient, Smith cracked a smile and said, “Uh, no. When are fans patient?” 

Is six years not considered patient? 

I think I have shown great patience for Alex Smith, along with every other 49er fan. 

Is the Alex Smith we have seen for 6 years gone or is this the same guy? 


Unknown No. 3



What can we expect from Michael Crabtree on the field in 2011?

He is now entering his third year in the NFL, and as a 49er.

Michael Crabtree was considered one of the best wide receivers in NCAA history when he was drafted to San Francisco. 

We Niner fans know that hasn't been the case for him as a professional so far.

A lot of people blame Alex Smith for Michael Crabtree not doing well. I see that as only a part of the problem. I think his coach had something to do with that as well, but most importantly, I think the desire In Michael Crabtree so far has been absent.

The negative attention he has received over the last month or so is a bit over-hyped, but Crabtree's effort in recent workouts is still very revealing.

Do you think he will turn it around this year?


Unknown No. 4



Will the 49ers defensive backs be solid this year?

A big reasons the Niners suffered last year was because of the poor play in pass coverage. 

Many people will say it was because of the poor defensive scheme, or the lack of a pass rush. Those things for sure contributed, but it can't all be blamed on that. 

Last year showed us that the corner and safety positions need to be reanalyzed. 

Players like Dashon Goldson and Taylor Mays are hard hitters for sure, but are questionable at Pass Coverage as safeties.

Goldson is a free agent anyways; he may not even come back. Although, I hope he does.

Many Niner fans are hoping for a pick-up in free-agency at corner this year. It is yet to be seen whether that will happen or not.

There are a lot of unknowns in the 49ers defensive backfield. Do you think we should expect solid play at that position this year?


Unknown No. 5


Will Frank Gore be Frank Gore in 2011?

Frank Gore is the third greatest rusher in 49er history. He has a chance to become the best this year. 

Last year Frank suffered a pretty serious hip injury, an injury that would have probably ended a career 10 years ago.

Thanks to modern medicine, Gore may have many years left in him. All reports say Gore is 100% back and ready to go.

If that is true, and he can put up typical Frank Gore numbers, he will surpass Roger Craig and the late great Joe Perry as the greatest rusher in 49er history.

Do you think he can do it?


There are always a lot of unknowns entering a new season for any team. Especially this year, but more so for our 49ers. Those unknowns are countered with hope from fans. 

I hope Harbaugh is the next Bill Walsh, Alex Smith makes me eat my words, Crabtree lives up to his god-given talents, we form a solid defensive back unit that plays great and we get to see Gore claim the title he rightfully deserves this year. Are my hopes too high?

Thank you for reading!

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