NFL Trade Speculation: 5 Trades That Will Absolutely Happen

Scott ReighardAnalyst IJune 6, 2011

NFL Trade Speculation: 5 Trades That Will Absolutely Happen

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    We’re waiting….Hello, owners and players, we’re still waiting.

    Someone is going to have to step over the line and start giving in here, and at this point, I don’t care which side caves. I am going into free agency, trade and camp depression here.

    It’s been nearly 100 days since the lockout, and the season is less than 99 days away. Have we reached the tipping point yet?

    OK, so I am playing commissioner here, and I have decided to go ahead and at least allow trading to begin. Just go along with me please.

    One big surprise here is that Kevin Kolb will not be traded. Why?

    The Eagles' asking price is a good one, but as the lockout drags on, teams will not be as interested in him at the price the Eagles are asking. The Eagles are either going to give in on the asking price, or some team is going to pay way too much for a relatively unproven player.

    Also, for a perennial playoff team, Kolb adds a nice insurance supplemental should Michael Vick go down during the season.

    Here are five trades that will absolutely take place once the trading season begins.

5: Jimmy Clausen to Cardinals

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    Speculation abounds about what the Panthers are actually going to do once the lockout is lifted.

    I have chronicled in the past that Clausen could be a real thorn in the side for the Panthers because if Newton is not up to speed and Clausen is playing better, a lot of people in Carolina might begin to wonder why they didn’t give Clausen a chance.

    This trade makes absolute sense for the Panthers and Clausen. The writing is on the wall—we all know it. Clausen could pray to every saint out there, but Newton will be given every chance to fail.

    The Panthers would be smart to at least recuperate some value for Clausen. Besides, so many teams are still searching for a quarterback, and in the right system with good players around him, Clausen will be a good NFL quarterback.

    The carousel that is the Arizona signal caller gang since Kurt Warner left has been a mess. Clausen could be thrown into the mix with Skelton, a fifth-round choice, or Max Hall, the undrafted soon-to-be 26-year-old from BYU.

    I think Clausen would eventually emerge as the starter, and with another Williams running behind him—Ryan, not Deangelo—Clausen would be served well and be an efficient QB.

4: Plaxico Burress to Miami Dolphins

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    I wasn’t sure about touching this one because I am not as friendly with ex-cons being rewarded as other people are, but Plax’s was more about stupidity, and Lord knows there is plenty of that around.

    Most of the speculation surrounds the Eagles and Plax, but Brandon Jacobs makes about as much sense as Lemuel Gulliver trying to explain the Lilliputians. Burress is not going to Philly. One ex-con does not beget another ex-con.

    Here is why Miami makes sense.

    Brandon Marshall and Plax could be the new Bad Boys of South Beach. I can see it now—Plax and Brandon doing promos dressed like Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, jumping over cars to catch passes or busting through doors and dodging defenders.

    They could call them Bad Boys III—or something like that. Although, I would be worried with Plax and handguns, not exactly his forte.

    All kidding aside, there is a football side to this.

    The Dolphins appear to be—and I say that with hesitation—satisfied with Henne’s progress, but clearly Henne needs another weapon. Both can be field stretchers, but Plax is more suited to that while Marshall seems more adept at the other things.

    Also, Brian Hartline could be their No. 3 receiver. It sounds like a pretty good combination to me.

3: Kyle Orton to Seahawks

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    A lot of people are speculating the Cardinals are looking for a quarterback, and silly me, I thought the draft could have taken care of that for them, but I guess they didn’t like what they saw—or the fact they were not high enough to get Newton.

    Orton and Kolb are the hot names being thrown around regarding the Cardinals, and that might be true. I tend to lean away from convention, however, and I will be glad to come back and say I was wrong—that is, if I am wrong.

    Either way, the carousel, not to sound redundant, that is Arizona’s QB situation will need to be settled.

    If they believe in Skelton, then I am from Neptune; seriously, John Skelton. The only Skelton I know is Red Skelton, and he was one of the funniest guys on TV when I was a youngin’—not a fifth-round draft choice from Fordham.

    Orton could wind up in Seattle because Charlie Whitehurst didn’t do anything to prove he deserves to be the anointed one there, and Orton’s veteran presence with a playoff team would provide stability. He has a better track record than Kolb.

    Orton could wind up in a lot of places, but I put him here because Pete Carroll liked Matt Hasselbeck's stability, but he will lose him to free agency.

    Orton provides leadership, respectability and experience.

2: McNabb Traded to Bengals

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    By drafting Andy Dalton in the second round, the Bengals pretty much feel they have their QB of the future, but will he be ready on Day 1 to get out there and mix it up? Doubtful.

    McNabb makes sense here because the Bengals would have a quarterback with playoff experience, a veteran whose presence commands respect, and since Owens will be gone, he can buddy up with Ocho-nono.

    Palmer is not coming back—or so it seems 100 percent that he will not come back—and the Bengals will ruin Dalton if they put him in there against the likes of Pittsburgh, Baltimore and the emerging Browns.

    A veteran like McNabb could stem the tide, and he would come pretty cheap. The Bengals are all about cheap.

1: Haynesworth Traded to Raiders

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    Everyone knows Al Davis is not afraid to trade for—or acquire reclamation projects—and doesn’t Fat Albert just feel like he should be a Raider?

    The Raiders' defense was ranked No. 29 against the run last year, and we all know the man is a run stopper. He’s allegedly been known to stop an ice cream truck—literally. The man loves his ice cream.

    This trade makes absolute sense.

    Haynesworth would find a dysfunctional home in Oakland. I say that with love Raider fans, and the Redskins would get out from underneath one big fat mortgage.