NFL: 10 Twitter Feuds We Want to See

Josh TrueloveCorrespondent IIIJune 30, 2011

NFL: 10 Twitter Feuds We Want to See

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    Football Players; They are big, strong, and tough. They are looked upon as heroes, warriors, and the greatest athletes in the world. So obviously they solve their differences like men...

    On Twitter.

    Twitter has created a voice for NFL players that they can use whenever they want and say whatever they want, without actually saying it to someone or in front of a camera.

    Unfortunately, not all of our favorite players have Twitter or would be immature enough to bicker on it, but what if they did?!

    Let's take a look at some dream Twitter match-ups!

10: Jon Gruden vs Someone Who Doesn't Like Football

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    Look at that mans face, he loves football! We all love to hear Jon Gruden talk about football. We love his passion for every aspect of the game, and we love his theory that every player is special in their own way.

    With The Grude Dude's such strong passion for football, can you imagine how upset he would be if someone told him that they DIDN'T like football?! HE WOULD LOSE IT!

    He would spend minutes, hours, even days trying to convince that person that football is the greatest game ever created, and eventually that person would have to give in.

    Jon Gruden vs Someone who doesn't like football is a dream Twitter feud.

9: Eli Manning vs Tony Romo

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    Come on Cowboys and Giants fans, you know you would pay money to read these tweets. While we do not necessarily know facts of the relationship between Romo and Eli, we do know that one is the quarterback of the Giants and the other is the quarterback of the Cowboys, that is enough of a reason for this to be a good one.

    Giants fans hate Romo more than anyone, and Cowboys fans hate Eli more than anyone (The majority anyway). All you hear from Giants fans is how much they hate Tony Romo, imagine how they would feel if he started talking smack about their quarterback via Twitter!

    Now imagine the excitement when Eli would battle back!

    Romo seems to get a lot of unnecessary hate just because he is the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, well what better way for him to add some fuel to the fire than to attack the quarterback of the rival New York Giants, good ol boy Eli Manning.

    This would be one for the ages.

8: Ben Roethlisberger vs Brett Favre

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    This would be quite the match-up. Both men are considered top-notch quarterbacks. They are both considered the toughest quarterbacks in the NFL.

    There would be constant arguing with each other. Who grows a better beard, who's tougher, who mows a lawn better, who throws harder.

    And of course, the constant bickering over how to treat a lady

7: Donovan McNabb vs Philadelphia Fans and the Eagles' Orginization

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    McNabb had been constantly mistreated his entire career.

    From the day he was booed on draft day, to the day he was traded away to a division rival, McNabb has received a ton of disrespect.

    If you had a quarterback who led you to five NFC championships and a Superbowl, would you trade him to a division rival years later? After what he has meant to the organization, would you just let a rival team have him?

    Well now, this is McNabb's revenge. This Twitter war would give McNabb the chance to say what we've always wanted him to say to those ungrateful Philadelphians.

6: Stevie Johnson vs Tim Tebow

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    Uh oh Stevie, you're in trouble now.

    Tim Tebow has heard about your little incident with the big guy upstairs, and he is not happy.

    Can you just imagine this? Tebow constantly preaching to Stevie on Twitter and making Stevie feel guilty? Sounds like a load of fun. Stevie would repeatedly apologize to Tim, but Tebow would explain to Stevie that he is not the one he should be apologizing to.

    This would be great. Next time you think about blaming big guns upstairs, Stevie... You'll have to answer to big guns in Denver.

    Stevie vs Tebow would be one for the ages.

5: Ray Lewis vs Anyone

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    Ray Lewis could read the phonebook and make it entertaining and exciting.

    We have all heard his rants about Brady and league rules, imagine if he were mad at someone over Twitter?

    Imagine a player, pick a player any player, disrespecting Ray Lewis on Twitter. Ray would scare him through Twitter. Think I'm wrong? Look at the picture above. Even when Ray Lewis is happy and smiling, the man is terrifying.

    Reading Ray Lewis tweet about someone he is mad at would be fantastic entertainment.

4: Terrell Owens vs Randy Moss

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    We have all been arguing for years: Who is better? Moss or TO?

    Well it's time they had the argument that we've all been having. It is time Randy Moss and Terrell Owens took to Twitter and debate with each other about who is better.

    "I have more yards"

    "Well I have more touchdowns"

    And from there the argument would skyrocket. Leading to public bashing and criticizing of each other!

    For years TO and Moss have provided us with off-the-field entertainment, imagine how much better it could get if they were to do it together!

    Moss vs Owens has been a dream match-up for years.

3: Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady

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    An even bigger debate than Moss vs Owens. Maybe the biggest debate in NFL history. I like to refer to it as the great debate.

    Who is better, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

    The answer cannot be solved easily. Arguments can last minutes, hours, days, even weeks. So we want to hear what they think. We want to hear why they think they are better than the other.

    We want to hear Tom Brady call Peyton Manning a doofus. We want to hear Peyton Manning call Tom Brady a pretty boy. We want to hear Brady call Peyton a loser. We want to hear Peyton call Brady a cheater.

    We want to hear Peyton brag about his numbers and Brady brag about his rings. We want Brady to brag about throwing less interceptions and Peyton to point out that he actually throws the ball down-field instead of just throwing screens all game.

    This would be an iconic match-up.

2: Brett Favre vs Aaron Rodgers

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    The tension is there every time someone brings up these two. Packer fans are still mad at Brett, and Brett fans are still mad at the Packers.

    Favre is still upset about being replaced, and Rodgers is still upset that Favre has been rude about it.

    It is time these gentlemen settled it like barbarians, on Twitter.

    We want to hear everything! Brett telling Rodgers "YOU TOOK MY JOB!"  And Rodgers telling Brett "You wouldn't teach me a thing!"

    Replacement vs Replacee

    Old vs Young

    Student vs Teacher (not really)

    We get excited whenever these two are mentioned in the same sentence. Now we want to hear them talk about each other in the same sentence!

1: Rashard Mendenhall vs SEAL Team Six

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    We all remember Rashard Mendenhall's extremely controversial tweets following the death of Osama Bin Laden.

    Well it is time he answered to the men responsible, SEAL Team Six! SEAL Team Six would hear none of any excuse Mendenhall can make! Mendenhall would be petrified!

    Rashard Mendenhall having to answer to SEAL Team Six for what he said would be the greatest moment in Twitter history. Social Networking history. Internet History!

Thats All Folks

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    I hope you guys enjoyed and agree with the Top Ten NFL Twitter Feuds We Want To See.

    Sure, there are a lot of good dream matches that did not make the list, but remember, there is only room for ten. Maybe, hopefully, one day we will get to see these great Twitter feuds take place.