NFL Trade Speculation: 1 Player from Each Team Most Likely to Get Dealt

Joe UnderhillCorrespondent IIIMay 23, 2011

NFL Trade Speculation: 1 Player from Each Team Most Likely to Get Dealt

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    While we wait for the NFL owners and players to reach an agreement, there is little for NFL fans to do other than speculate what deals might be made. Very few trades will actually take place; however, it's always fun to think about who might be traded and how a change in scenery might help a player have a breakout year.

    Here is my attempt at guessing who might be traded from each team.

Buffalo Bills: Aaron Maybin

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    Aaron Maybin has been a major disappointment in Buffalo so far.

    However, he is still young enough and has enough athleticism to be given another chance. There is a chance the Bills will release Maybin instead of trading him. Buffalo won't be able to get much for Maybin, but I think he still has enough upside to warrant another team giving Buffalo a sixth-round pick for him.   

Miami Dolphins: Ray Feinga

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    It's really tough to pick a player most likely to be traded from the Dolphins, as they have a large number of potential free agents.

    With the drafting of Mike Pouncey, I think one of the lineman will be released or traded. Ray Feinga is a young guy who has good size but is very raw. 

New England Patriots: Sammy Morris

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    Sammy Morris is still an affective running back, even though he wasn't asked to shoulder a lot of carries in 2010. The Patriots added two running backs in the draft and they still have BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead, so Morris could be expendable. Morris is not going to be an every-down back, but he is a veteran who could prove to be a good backup for a contender. 

New York Jets: Drew Coleman

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    The Jets have one of the deepest secondaries in the NFL.

    Currently they have more corners than even they can use.

    Trading Coleman assumes they re-sign Antonio Cromartie. Coleman has been an excellent backup and nickel corner, and I think some teams will be willing to part with a fourth-round pick to improve the depth in their secondary. 

Denver Broncos: Russ Hochstein

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    Denver has a lot of places it can still improve. The offensive line has a lot of players and of those players, Russ Hochstein makes the most sense to move.

    Not only does Hochstein posses the most trade value, he has been a good starter and backup during his NFL career and could fetch the Broncos another player or a fifth-round pick. 

Kansas City Chiefs: Tyson Jackson

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    It might be far too early to give up on Tyson Jackson, but so far he's been pretty much a disappointment. I think Jackson might be better suited in a 4-3 front where he could slide inside and play some DT as well as DE. Jackson has shown flashes of being a good run stopper, but hasn't shown consistent ability to rush the passer well.

    Because he is still young and has upside, the Chiefs won't let Jackson go cheaply.

Oakland Raiders: Darrius Heyward-Bey

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    Darrius Heyward-Bey has been a huge disappointment to Raider nation.

    It might be time for the Raiders to cut their losses and see if they can get something for Heyward-Bey. Oakland might be lucky to pry a third or fourth-round pick or possibly some help for their defensive or offensive line. 

San Diego Chargers: Paul Oliver

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    The Chargers have an abundance of depth issues, and trading Oliver may help with some of them. Oliver could be a solid backup, or a starter for the right team. Finding help along the defensive line will be the most likely return. 

Baltimore Ravens: Donte' Stallworth

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    Stallworth missed all of 2009 for being suspended for a DUI. The Ravens added depth and youth to their receiving skills in the NFL draft.

    This makes Stallworth expendable.

    Stallworth would be a nice addition to a team in need of a veteran receiver. The Ravens would love to get linebacker depth or pass rush help in exchange for Stallworth.

Cincinnati Bengals: Carson Palmer

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    I don't think the Bengals want to trade Carson Palmer, but Palmer doesn't appear to want to be back in Cincinnati. If Palmer follows through with his threats about retiring, the Bengals may have their hand forced. They drafted Palmer's replacement in the draft, so they might be willing to listen to offers which will help speed up their rebuilding.

Cleveland Browns: Brian Sanford

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    The Browns are in rebuild mode and are making progress. They added depth along their defensive line with their first two picks in the draft.

    Brian Sanford is a young player, and the Browns could use some veterans in the front seven. 

Pittsburgh Steelers: Antwaan Randle El

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    The Steelers have some depth at receiver, but lack it along the offensive line.

    Antwaan Randle El is still an affective receiver and could provide a solid veteran third option for a team looking for a reliable pass catcher. The Steelers don't tend to be big players in the trade market, so I doubt they make a move.

Houston Texans: Shaun Cody

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    The Texans are going to switch to a 3-4 defense and Shaun Cody is not big enough or disruptive enough to be the starter at NT. Cody plays well against the run and is a smart player, but is better suited to a 4-3 scheme. The Texans would probably be looking for defensive secondary help (especially at safety) in return for Cody.

Indianapolis Colts: Mike Hart

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    Mike Hart has been a solid backup runner for the Colts. In the draft the Colts addressed their biggest need along the offensive and defensive line, but still need to add depth to their secondary.

    Trading Hart could help address those needs. 

Jacksonville Jaguars: Trent Edwards

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    Trent Edwards isn't likely to push for a starting job, especially after the Jaguars selected Blaine Gabbert. Edwards is a capable backup who is best suited to throwing from the pocket. While he won't fetch a lot, the Jags could improve the depth of their secondary or defensive line.

Tennessee Titans: Vince Young

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    The Titans have decided Vince Young is not their quarterback of the future.

    While I don't think Locker is ready to start right away, I also don't think the Titans will keep Young around for long. Young has moments where he looks like a Pro Bowl-caliber quarterback and others when he looks like he shouldn't be in the NFL.

    I think a team in need of a QB might be willing to take a gamble on Young, giving the Titans some depth for their defense or a future pick. 

Dallas Cowboys: Alex Barron

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    Alex Barron is a big body with a ton of potential, but he has barely tapped into it during his career in Dallas. With the drafting of Tyon Smith, the Cowboys may try and get what they can for Barron in the form of help for their secondary, or a draft pick in next year's draft. If someone could motivate Barron, he could be a steal, but is probably only worth someone else's project or a later-round pick.

New York Giants: Osi Umenyiora

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    Osi Umenyiora has fallen out of favor with the coaching staff in New York.

    If the G-men decided to make Umenyiora available, he would be one of the top pass rushers available and a number of teams would be interested in his services. The asking price would probably be fairly steep—a starting quality linebacker, or possibly a second-round pick. 

Philadelphia Eagles: Kevin Kolb

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    Kevin Kolb trade rumors have been one of the most consistent rumors. I think he gets moved probably for a pair of second-round picks. The Eagles have a need for a pass rusher and secondary help, so it's possible Kolb would be moved for a combination of a pick and player. 

Washington Redskins: Albert Haynesworth

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    The ongoing battle between Albert Haynesworth and the Redskins has been well publicized.

    I think the Redskins finally lower their asking price a little, or simply put him fully on the market. Haynesworth is much better suited to playing in a 4-3 rather than the 3-4 in Washington. In the right system, Haynesworth can still be a disruptive force. 

Arizona Cardinals: Beanie Wells

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    Beanie Wells has been solid but not spectacular since being drafted in the first round by the Cardinals.

    With Arizona drafting Ryan Williams early in the second round, Wells' days might be numbered in the desert.

    Wells is a big back and a solid between-the-tackles runner but lacks breakaway speed. Still, the Cards might be able to improve their offensive line by using Wells as trade bait. 

St. Louis Rams: Chris Chamberlain

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    Chris Chamberlain has been a backup and special teams stud the last few years.

    There are quite a few teams who need both depth and help with their special teams, and Chamberlain would fit the bill. The Rams need some depth in their secondary, so a backup there or a later-round pick would most likely be the asking price. 

San Francisco 49ers: Troy Smith

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    The 49ers drafted Colin Kaepernick to be their future quarterback, and Alex Smith is expected back to compete for the starting job next year.

    This makes Troy Smith expandable.

    Smith is a good leader and does posses a strong arm, but struggles to complete a high percentage of his throws. Still, he is an excellent backup and would contribute on the right team. 

Seattle Seahawks: Justin Forsett

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    Justin Forsett and Leon Washington play essentially the same role in Seattle, so it would not surprise me to see one of them dealt.

    I think Forsett is the one to go, and he could provide valuable depth and return capabilities. The Seahawks would love to add some depth along their defensive line and secondary, so a role player for role player swap is possible. 

Chicago Bears: D.J. Moore

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    The Bears have tons of issues and lots of holes, so I don't think a trade is very likely for them. That being said, the Bears might be able to help patch a hole by trading D.J. Moore.

    Moore played pretty well last year and recorded four interceptions. Chicago would probably get back a third-round pick or possibly some receiving help.

Detroit Lions: Andre Fluellen

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    Andre Fluellen showed good improvement last year and was a valuable part of the defensive line rotation. However, the Lions added DT Nick Fairley in the draft, and as a result, Fluellen is now expandable.

    The Lions will probably be looking for a draft pick or linebacker help in return for Fluellen. 

Green Bay Packers: Matt Flynn

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    Matt Flynn showed glimpses of being a capable starter, but with Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, Flynn won't be consistently starting there any time soon. Flynn should be able to land the Packers a fifth-round pick at worst and possibly has high as a third-rounder if a team is desperate enough. 

Minnesota Vikings: Joe Webb

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    Joe Webb showed some flashes of being a capable NFL quarterback last year, but the Vikings drafted Christian Ponder in the first round, so Webb will eventually be on the bench. The Vikings need lots of help along the defensive line and offensive line. Trading Webb could provide some help there.

Atlanta Falcons: Jerious Norwood

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    The Falcons have to good backup running backs in Jerious Norwood and Jason Snelling.

    If the Falcons make a trade, I would expect one of those backs to be on the move. The Falcons would probably be looking to get a draft pick back, as I expect them to address their pass rush need in free agency. 

Carolina Panthers: Steve Smith

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    Carolina is in full rebuild mode, and Steve Smith would like a chance to be on a contender.

    While Smith has suffered through a number of injuries the last few years, he is still an above average receiver who is able to find ways to get open. Smith is rumored to want to go to the west coast and would probably cost a second or third-round pick. 

New Orleans Saints: Pierre Thomas

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    Pierre Thomas is expandable because of the drafting of running back Mark Ingram.

    Thomas is coming off a foot injury, which will reduce his value, but he has shown himself to be a capable runner and able to handle the majority of the work load. The Saints would probably be looking for a linebacker or a fourth/fifth-round draft pick for Thomas.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Aqib Talib

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    Aqib Talib has been a solid corner, but has run into some legal problems which might result in either being traded or cut by the Bucs. I'm going to guess if the Bucs decide to part ways with Talib, they are going to try and get something back for him before they cut him.

    Because of the legal issues, they probably won't be able to get much, but it's worth a shot. 


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    Some teams it's easy to guess which players might be on the move, but with the current labor situation it's hard to say who will be a free agent and who will still be left on their current rosters. The biggest thing is hoping Roger Goodell, the owners and the players come to an agreement soon, so we can get on with free agency and next season.