Denver Broncos 2011: Predicting Tim Tebow's Stats for Each Game

Taylor StarrContributor IIMay 13, 2011

Denver Broncos 2011: Predicting Tim Tebow's Stats for Each Game

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    Before the draft, Tim Tebow may have been a worried man. The Broncos made it look like they were interested in drafting a QB. They brought in a lot of QB's to workout, including Auburn's Cam Newton, Missouri's Blaine Gabbert and Washington's Jake Locker.

    After the draft, we all realized it was a smokescreen, and Tebow felt safer. He's not guaranteed the starting spot as QB, but, with the recent rumors of Kyle Orton being traded, it's very possible. If Orton gets traded, Tim Tebow will be the Broncos starting QB.

    How will he do as a full-time starter?

Week 1: Vs. Oakland Raiders

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    What a great way to start off the season! Against the hated Oakland Raiders in your house! We all know how embarrassing of a loss Denver had against the Raiders at home last time. The defense should be better this season, but I'm not gonna expect it to be top 10. As for the game:


    Tebow's stats:

    20-for-34 Passing, 268 yards, two TDs and an interception

    Seven rushing attempts, 58 yards and a touchdown

    Since John Fox is a run-heavy head coach, Tebow won't have to throw as much as Orton would a lot last year.

    But I think our defense will still give up a lot of points and we lose. (Sorry fellow Denver fans)


    Oakland 27, Broncos 24 

    Tebow 0-1

Week 2: Vs. Cincinatti Bengals

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    The Broncos catch a break as Andy Dalton and the Cincinatti Bengals come into town. Dalton is just a rookie QB, and he shouldn't be expected to put up big numbers in his second NFL start. I'm not saying he won't be great, but he still needs to get used to the NFL.


    Tebow's stats:

    24-for-35 passing, 238 yards, one touchdown

    Five rushing attempts, 49 yards (don't expect Tebow to try and deck someone tho)

    The Bengals, as of now, are a very young but weak team. This game shouldn't be a problem for Tebow.


    Broncos 34, Bengals 20

    Tim Tebow: 1-1

Week 3: At Tennessee Titans

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    The Broncos are back in Tennessee, but, instead of Kyle Orton vs. Vince Young, it will be Tim Tebow vs. Jake Locker. I really liked Jake Locker coming out of the draft, and I believe the Titans just got their franchise QB. I say it will be a very interesting game to watch.


    Tim Tebow's stats:

    17-for-28 passing, 301 yards, two TDs, one interception

    Six rushing attempts, 39 yards

    Jake Locker is gonna be a great NFL QB, but I think the Titans defense is just too weak for them to win this game.


    Broncos 24, Titans 20

    Tebow: 2-1

Week 4: At Green Bay Packers

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    Man this game's gonna be tough..Aaron Rodgers and the defending champion Packers. The Packers are a very scary team to play, and playing in their house is gonna suck. The fans there LOVE their team.


    Tebow's stats:

    14-for-34 passing, 201 yards, three interceptions

    Three rushing attempts, 21 yards

    The Packers are just too good, and playing them at Lambeau doesn't help either.


    Packers 31, Broncos 10

    Tebow: 2-2

Week 5: Vs. San Diego Chargers

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    Yea, I remember the final game of the season in 2010. We lost, but it was still a great game to watch. Tebow played hard and almost lead us to another comeback win. Too bad our defense sucked tho.


    Tebow's stats:

    18-for-32 passing, 245 yards, one passing TD, one interception

    Seven rushing attempts, 57 yards, one rushing touchdown

    It's pretty similar to last year's game but one less interception and passing TD. That and a Broncos win baby! I think Fox will use the run game more against San Diego.


    Broncos 24, Chargers 20

    Tebow: 3-2

Week 7: At Miami Dolphins

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    Tebow takes his talents to South Beach to play the Miami Dolphins. It's gonna be very hot down there, but, Tebow played college ball at Florida, so this shouldn't be a problem for him. Miami does have some guys on defense to fear, like Cameron Wake, Karlos Dansby and Vontae Davis.


    Tebow's stats:

    17-for-26 passing, 203 yards, one TD, two interceptions

    Five rushing attempts, 42 yards, one TD

    The Broncos don't have the best history against the Dolphins and might make Chad Henne look good. Brandon Marshall shouldn't be a problem with Champ covering him, but Davone Bess could give Goodman/Cox a hard time.


    Dolphins 27, Broncos 21

    Tebow: 3-3

Week 8: Vs. Detroit Lions

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    The Lions are a favorite to be the surprise team of 2011. They now have (arguably) the best D-line in football with Ndamukong Suh, Vanden Bosch and now Nick Fairley. They're going to be a very scary team to go up against (they've done a great job in the front office ever since they fired Millen).


    Tebow's stats:

    23-for-34 passing, 278 yards, three touchdowns, one interception

    Six rushing attempts, 15 yards

    The Lions defensive line will be able to stop Tebow from running effectively. They don't have the greatest corners though, and Tebow should be able to throw all over them. Their running duo of Best and Leshoure is gonna be hard to stop.

    I think this game will be close, but..


    Lions 24, Broncos 21

    Tebow: 3-4

Week 9: At Oakland Raiders

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    Remember when Tebow made his first NFL start in the black hole and the Raider fans were chanting, "Tebow sucks! Tebow sucks!"? And when he shut up the crowd with his 40-yard touchdown run?

    He played very well, but, it was another loss since the defense always let opposing offenses into the end zone. The Broncos have played better there than at home (against Oakland) in recent years. I don't see that changing.


    Tebow stats:

    13-for-21 passing, 198 yards, one touchdown

    Seven rushing attempts, 78 yards, two touchdowns

    I believe Fox will give him more rushing attempts, and he shouldn't disappoint.


    Broncos 26, Raiders 17

    Tebow: 4-4

Week 10: At Kansas City Chiefs

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    The Broncos have had troubles playing at Arrowhead in recent years. Even last year, the defense played very well and limited the Chiefs and their dynamic rushing attack to 10 points. But the offense only scored six.

    I think this game could be similar, but more scoring.


    Tebow's stats:

    17-for-26 passing, 203 yards, one interception

    Four rushing attempts, 46 yards, one touchdown

    I think this game will be low scoring again, like last time, and the deficit will be:


    Chiefs 17, Broncos 14

    The Chiefs are very good at home, and they take advantage of it against Denver.

    Tebow: 4-5

Week 11: Vs. New York Jets

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    The same team that Tebow scored his first NFL touchdown against is back in town, but this time, Tebow's playing the whole game instead of a couple snaps. Also, former CU WR Scotty McKnight (if he makes the team) is back in Colorado.


    Tebow's stats:

    16-for-33 passing, 201 yards, two touchdowns, two interceptions

    Six rushing attempts, 40 yards

    The Jets have a very good defense, and Brandon Lloyd will probably get shut down by Revis. But who knows how many players the Jets will lose in free agency. They have a lot of key players that could sign with someone else (Edwards, Holmes, Harris, Ellis, Cromartie, etc.). 


    Broncos 24, Jets 20

    Tebow: 5-5

Week 12: At San Diego Chargers

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    The Broncos couldn't do much in their meeting with the Chargers in SD last year. All Tebow did was hand the ball off. He didn't pass or run. Instead, he sat on the bench, and like usual, the defense gives up far too many points and Orton in his slump can't do anything either.

    This time, with a better all around QB, and defense, it will be more competitive.


    Tebows stats:

    20-for-32 passing, 245 yards, two TDs, one interception

    Three rushing attempts, 16 yards 


    Chargers 37, Broncos 24

    It will be more competitive than last time, but the Chargers should still win this one. 

    Tebow: 5-6

Week 13: At Minnesota Vikings

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    Finally! The weakest team to play since the Broncos took their talents to South Beach in Week 7!

    Led by Christian Ponder (reportedly John Elway's favorite QB in the 2011 draft), the Vikings take on the Broncos. But I doubt he will do much in this game (or season) as they become more of a running team with the league's best running back, Adrian Peterson.


    Tebow's stats:

    24-for-34 passing, 321 yards, three TDs

    Four rushing attempts, 25 yards, one touchdown

    The Vikings don't have the best secondary, and I think Tebow's really going to take advantage of that. I think this will be the best game of his season. Adrian Peterson should have a big day though.


    Broncos 41, Vikings 20

    Tebow: 6-6

Week 14: Vs. Chicago Bears

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    Most Broncos fans are really looking to this game. I know I am. Former Broncos QB Jay Cutler, who forced his way out of town in 2009, is back in Denver, and the fans will probably give him a hard time. They gave him a hard time in the 2009 preseason. I should know. I went to that game.

    Two starting QB's that were both drafted by the Denver Broncos are going face-to-face.


    Tebow's stats:

    18-for-31 passing, 209 yards, two TDs, one interception

    Six rushing attempts, 34 yards

    This game is gonna be a really good one. It should be very fun to watch for both Broncos and Bears fans. But...


    Bears 23, Broncos 21 (I really hope I'm wrong though)

    The Bears have a talented team, but, to make the Denver fans happy, Cutler gets sacked twice and throws an interception.

    Tebow: 6-7

Week 15: Vs. New England Patriots

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    I remember watching part of the 2009 Legacy game in Denver. It was a great game (even tho the Broncos were wearing God-awful uniforms), and it was a victory. Also, former CU star Nate Solder returns to Colorado.

    There's a huge difference between the 2009 Patriots and the 2011 Patriots, however. In '09, they couldn't win on the road, their run game wasn't very good, their pass-rush sucked and Tom Brady didn't have an MVP-caliber season. In 2010, run game was better with BenJarvus Green-Ellis, they won on the road more and Brady dominated. 


    Tebow stats:

    23-for-36 passing, 240 yards, two TDs, one interception

    Seven rushing attempts, 50 yards, one TD

    I think this game could be very close, but...


    Patriots 35, Broncos 24

    The Patriots didn't have the best draft, but they're still a very scary team for any team to face. They went 14-2 while beating BOTH of last year's Super Bowl teams.They're not gonna be easy to beat.

    Tebow: 6-8

Week 16: At Buffalo Bills

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    Remember when Denver started off the 2007 season against the Buffalo Bills and won on a last second field goal by then-kicker Jason Elam? Well they're back, but a lot has changed since then.

    Playing the 16th week of the NFL season in a very cold place like Buffalo isn't gonna be easy.


    Tebow's stats:

    14-for-25 passing, 178 yards, one TD, one interception

    Eleven rushing attempts, 69 yards, one TD

    The Bills aren't that great of a team, but the Broncos always play terrible in December, so Denver shouldn't be a problem for the Bills. I see Fox being run-heavy and limiting Tebow from throwing the ball.


    Bills 24, Broncos 17

    Tebow: 6-9

Week 17: Vs. Kansas City Chiefs

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    And here we go! Our final week of the season and just like to finish off 2009, Chiefs at home to end. The Broncos are 6-9, and the Chiefs could've clinched the division (or at least playoff berth) by now.

    The 2009 ending was awful to watch. Jamal Charles could've just walked all over the field, and we couldn't get him.

    However, the Chiefs have defeated the Broncos ONCE at Invesco Field since they moved into there. And we also all remember the Broncos owning the Chiefs at home last season to end a four-game losing streak.


    Tebow's stats:

    18-for-32 passing, 274 yards, three TDs

    Seven rushing attempts, 68 yards

    Tebow shouldn't have a hard time beating the Chiefs here.


    Broncos 34, Chiefs 17

    Tebow: 7-9

Final Stats:

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    • Completions/Attempts 275-for-463
    • Yards passed for 3,799
    • TD: 26
    • Interceptions: 16


    • Attempts: 94
      Yards: 697
      TD: Nine

    Tim could probably work on his mechanics a little more, but, nethertheless, he should have a great season and show signs of turning the Denver Broncos around.