2011 NFL Mock Draft: Why Tyrod Taylor Could Be a Steal at QB for a Gutsy Team

Kyle HowardContributor IApril 27, 2011

Tyrod Taylor, senior quarterback from Virginia Tech. He's been compared to Micheal Vick, another VT alum. Taylor, however, has not gotten the same hype coming out of college that Vick did. Taylor has shown flashes of being a great player with tons of potential and it is obvious that he plays with tons of explosiveness.

Tyrod has not been able to get much attention from NFL teams and he is currently sitting in a position that looks like he is going to be taken in one of the middle rounds. With the skills, speed and explosiveness he could be a great steal for a team looking to bring youth to their quarterbacking core.

There are a few teams that could take a risk on Tyrod in hopes that he could be the next Michael Vick.

First, lets take a look at Tyrod Taylor and his build and stats over a four-year career at VT.

Taylor is listed at 6'1" and 216 pounds. Even though Virginia Tech was routed by Stanford in the Orange Bowl, Tyrod Taylor had a solid game. He threw for 221 yards, one touchdown and one interception with 22 yards rushing. The Hokies' season was one that started with two losses to Boise State and James Madison. In those two games he accumulated 310 years passing with three touchdowns and one interception, while rushing for 159 yards. He was also able to complete 65.35 percent of his passes. So even though the Hokies lost the first two games, Taylor still played well. After their first two losses, the Hokies won the next 11 games, including the ACC championship game against Florida State.

For the 2010 season, Taylor finished with 2,743 yards passing, a 59.7 percent completion rate that led to 24 touchdowns and only five interceptions and a QB rating of 154.80.

Taylor's senior season was not only a great season for passing but also for his rushing game. Taylor rushed for 659 yards and had five touchdowns and zero fumbles. In general, the 2010 season was the best season for Taylor and displayed his great ability to be a dual-threat quarterback. For his career, Taylor had 7,017 passing yards and 44 career touchdowns. He also holds the school records at Virginia Tech for rushing yards and rushing touchdowns (2,174 yards and 23 touchdowns).

Taylor was also awarded with many honors over his four years:

  • 2010 ACC Player of the Year
  • 2010 ACC Offensive Player of the Year
  • 2010 ACC Championship Game MVP
  • 2008 ACC Championship Game MVP

Over the four years, Tyrod was a very successful quarterback at Virginia Tech. Unfortunately for him, apparently this has not been enough for NFL scouts to take a real notice to him. With the skills that Tyrod possesses he could easily translate into a dual-threat quarterback like Vick, who would fit in perfectly with a team that likes to run an up-pace offense.

 Now on to the suitors who may be interested in Tyrod Taylor:

When looking at the teams like the Eagles, Ravens and possibly the Dolphins, Tyrod would start as a backup and get time to grow into a great quarterback with the mentoring of a veteran.

The Ravens tried a dual-threat quarterback with Troy Smith and it was not nearly as successful as they had hoped, so they are the most likely to have zero interest, especially with the young Joe Flacco leading the team.

The Eagles could present a great opportunity for both Taylor and the Eagles. Taylor would be able to wait in the wings and be mentored by Vick who is only 30. This could be a beautiful relationship that could flourish into Taylor becoming the next Michael Vick.

The Dolphins are the trickiest team on this list. They have been trying to figure out their quarterback position for a few years. They drafted Chad Henne (who had been mediocre at best in his NFL career), Pat White (who left the NFL to pursue his career in the MLB) and the old Chad Pennington. It would be interesting to see if the Dolphins would immediately start Taylor in hopes that he can finally solve their problems at quarterback, or if they would have him be mentored by either Henne or Pennington.

As for the Titans, Raiders, 49ers and Seahawks, drafting Taylor in one of their middle rounds could be the quarterback that they hope can start immediately and make an impact. All these teams could use a new quarterback but also have other needs that need to be taken care of first.

The Vince Young experience is done in Tennessee, which leaves and opening for a new quarterback, and just because a dual-threat quarterback didn't work the first time with Vince Young doesn't mean that Taylor couldn't work.

With the Raiders (ah, the Black and Silver), and with an owner like Al Davis, you really never know what kind of plans they have going into a draft, but one thing is certain, they need a quarterback who is reliable and can be a long-term option, and I just don't see that being Jason Campbell, Kyle Boller or J.T. O'Sullivan. The Raiders will probably be hesitant to invest too much in a quarterback since the JaMarcus Russel debacle. However, Taylor could be picked in a middle round and wouldn't require a huge salary.

The 49ers are coming in with a new coaching staff and it looks like it might be time to start with a new quarterback. However, the 49ers may elect to take a quarterback with an earlier pick, one that is more of a "pocket passer" and not a dual threat.

Finally, for the Seahawks it doesn't look like Matt Hasselbeck will be returning so they will be looking for a new quarterback. If they wish to wait until the later rounds, Taylor may be a perfect fit for the Seahawks. With Golden Tate coming into his second year, having a young quarterback with speed and explosiveness could be a great thing to develop an explosive duo for the future.

Whichever team that may take a chance on Tyrod Taylor could be getting a great young quarterback that could be the future of their team. This could be a great opportunity for a team and a young man to show that all the scouts were wrong and that he is cut out to be an NFL quarterback.