JaMarcus Russell Should Be Example No. 1 in NFL Lockout Rookie Wage Rulings

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIApril 18, 2011

What if the Raiders had picked up Adrian Petersen or even Dwayne Bowe over the infamous Jamarcus Russell?
What if the Raiders had picked up Adrian Petersen or even Dwayne Bowe over the infamous Jamarcus Russell?Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

JaMarcus Russell, worst QB to ever grace the gridiron, and yet, one of, if not the highest paid, first-rounder by the Oakland Raiders. The Oakland Raiders could have chosen a better player for the amount of money that went to Russell. Russell was great at LSU, but failed miserably for the silver and black.

It's great to hear that, in the NFL negotiations, this very issue is being discussed. The NFL owners would like to cut 60 percent of first-round draft picks and use the savings for salaries and benefits for veterans.

Last season, more than $525 million went to first-rounders. That is an enormous amount of money that should be going to the veterans. How many Oakland Raiders would have loved to see Al Davis pay $32 million to a pick like WR Dwayne Bowe, or better yet, RB Adrian Peterson?

Unfortunately, it went to JaMarcus. Let's not forget that Russell even "held out." Yeah, let's forget. Enough said.

Newly drafted rookies should have to come out and prove themselves before getting paid high wages. What job in America pays high wages from the start? Let me know.

It's not fair to the veterans that are making less. Every season the NFL draft seems to pay out more and more. It is not fair to the owners who have to fork out millions and possibly get an "egg."

It is not even fair to the fans, particularly the silver and black, for having to see their once-proud and respected team struggle with their "pudgy" QB. Money that pays these players comes from the revenue of fans.

A player like RB Darren McFadden who has shown his talent is an example of a rookie that can ask for more wages down the line.

Fans in virtually all sports would prefer that their top wages go to the top performers. The winners!

The NFL, the owners and even the players should be no different. Players work to get the wages, not drafted to get it from the start. The abilities and skills of these new NFL athletes will unfold on the field and with performance can request more dollars.

I agree that the NFL owners deserve a huge chunk of the $9 billion. The players should be grateful for the hundreds of millions they rake in.

One other issue is the health care and retirement and that should be paid for by the owners. Like most businesses, you need health care. NFL running backs are a big part of why players need benefits. They take huge hits and their NFL careers are short-lived.

Any game in which there is a possibility of being paralyzed, crippled or even die should be covered by the owners.

Go Raiders, and let's hope this lockout ends because a year without Raider football is like a year without air.

Silver and black, these colors never run.