NFL Trade Speculation: Could Reggie Wayne Be Available & What is His Price?

Mihir BhagatSenior Analyst IIIApril 18, 2011

INDIANAPOLIS - JANUARY 02:  Reggie Wayne #87 of the Indianapolis Colts runs for a touchdown during NFL game against the Tennessee Titans at Lucas Oil Stadium on January 2, 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne is one of the most dominant playmakers at his position and his statistics prove it. Ever since he was taken with the 30th overall selection in the 2001 NFL draft, he's hauled in 787 receptions for 10,748 yards, along with 71 touchdowns. He's been quarterback Peyton Manning's go-to target for four seasons now and he's been an integral key to their offense.

Regardless, could the five-time Pro Bowler potentially be on the move? It's a wild thought, and while I don't think it'll happen, let's speculate the hypothetical situation.

The Colts have plenty of depth at the wide receiver position with Austin Collie, Pierre Garcon and Anthony Gonzalez backing up Wayne. Not to mention, they have a pair of dynamic tight ends in Dallas Clark and Jacob Tamme stretching the middle of the field. 

Whether it's sheer luck or a product of Manning's brilliance, they possess the uncanny ability to find no-name players and turn them into quality talent. For instance, take a look at Garcon. He's a sixth-round pick, yet has recorded 114 receptions, 1,549 yards and 10 touchdowns in the past two seasons. Moreover, he's improved year after year which based off that trend signifies that he's poised for another great campaign.

That being so, do they really need Wayne? A man who's 32, wanting a new deal and should garner a ton of attention from suitors? In actuality, I could realistically list five or six teams interested in acquiring him, most of which would probably give up a fair sum to do so.

Sure, if you take a look at recent receivers who were traded such as Randy Moss or Santonio Holmes, their teams received a third and fifth-round pick, respectively.

However, go back to Brandon Marshall. Despite his character issues and repeated antics, he was dealt for a couple of second rounders.

Considering Wayne is a class A act and comes with absolutely no baggage, he would probably have a similar asking price.

With additional picks, the Colts would be able to address their other pressing needs such as offensive line or defensive tackle. In fact, they would be able to afford drafting a quarterback to groom for the future, possibly adding another pass rusher to the mix or simply improving their depth along a unit.  

So should they pull the trigger?

Well, if the opportunity presents itself and the offer is too good to pass up then maybe they should. However, I don't feel they should risk their chemistry or team morale by actively shopping him. He's just too good for that.

In the end, I find it highly unlikely and virtually improbable that Wayne would be sent packing particularly after all he's done for the organization.