2011 NFL Reverse Mock Draft: With the First Pick, the Green Bay Packers Select..

Luke Carlton@lukecarlton6Contributor IIIApril 13, 2011

Marcell Dareus seems happy enough to be selected by the World Champions
Marcell Dareus seems happy enough to be selected by the World ChampionsKevork Djansezian/Getty Images

As a fan of a team that reached the playoffs, it can be annoying to watch the players you dreamed about seeing in your teams colours be selected by your under-performing rivals.

This got me thinking, what would happen if the NFL Draft was to go in reverse order? Sounds simple enough. The Packers would get the first pick as they won the Superbowl and the Panthers would have the 32nd pick, as punishment for being so awful.

Note: I realise this would never be able to happen as the worst teams would stay the worst and the best would, you got it, stay the best. But it's fantasy, live a little!

1st Pick. Green Bay Packers: Marcell Dareus - Defensive End - Alabama 

Replacement for the departing Ryan Pickett.  Imagine lining up opposite Dareus and B.J. Raji. Yikes. Another possibility could be... Von Miller


2nd Pick. Pittsburgh Steelers: Patrick Peterson - Cornerback - LSU

Could Peterson be the missing piece for the new Steelers Iron Curtain? With no offensive lineman suitable for the second pick, the Steelers enhance their already top-notch defense. Another possibility could be... Tyron Smith


3rd Pick. New York Jets: A.J. Green - Wide Receiver - Georgia

With the chance that Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes leave through free agency, Rex Ryan gives the Sanchize a new toy. Another possibility could be... Von Miller


4th Pick. Chicago Bears: Nick Fairley - Defensive Tackle - Auburn 

Offensive tackle is a big need, but none are worthy of a top five pick. They also need a defensive tackle to replace the departing Tommie Harris and Anthony Adams. Another possibility could be...Tyron Smith


5th Pick. New England Patriots: Von Miller - Outside Linebacker - Texas A&M 

Edge rusher needed for Belichick's defence. That is, if he doesn't trade the pick for second round picks in the next three years. Another possibility could be... J.J. Watt


6th Pick. Atlanta Falcons: Robert Quinn - Defensive End - North Carolina 

The heir apparent to John Abraham and someone who could compete with Kroy Biermann for a starters role straight away. Don't worry about the off-field issues because he will make up for it on the field. Another possibility could be...Julio Jones


7th Pick. Baltimore Ravens: Prince Amukamara -Cornerback - Nebraska

Lardarius on one side. Prince on the other. The Ravens win the competition for best named cornerback tandem. Amukamara would instantly help the Ravens by shutting down whichever side of the field he is on. Another possibility could be...Aldon Smith


8th Pick. Seattle Seahawks: Blaine Gabbert - Quarterback - Missouri 

The Seahawks take the quarterback they need at a modest number eight. You can tell Carroll loves this pick. He replaces a baldy with a young guy with luscious locks. Now do you see why he traded for Clipboard Jesus? Another possibility could be...Ryan Kerrigan


9th Pick. New Orleans Saints: Ryan Kerrigan - Defensive End - Purdue

Alex Brown and Jimmy Wilkerson may have been good a few years ago but are not now. The Saints get a great player to bring pressure opposite Will Smith. Another possibility could be...J.J. Watt


10th Pick. Philadelphia Eagles: Tyron Smith - Offensive Tackle - USC

Winston Justice and King Dunlap are just not worthy of having the privilege of blocking for Michael Vick. However, Tyron Smith is worthy. Another possibility could be... Mike Pouncey


11th Pick. Indianapolis Colts: Nate Solder - Offensive Tackle - Colorado

Peyton is getting old and needs to be protected like a President should, which means big guys who can take you out if you even get close to the QB. And they don't get much bigger than Solder, who stands over 2 metres high. Another possibility could be...Corey Liuget


12th Pick. Kansas City Chiefs: Julio Jones - Wide Receiver - Alabama

Dwayne Bowe had 72 catches last year. The closest wide receiver in catches was Chris Chambers. He had 22. I don't think this pick needs an explanation. Another possibility could be... Aldon Smith


13th Pick. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Da'Quan Bowers - Defensive End - Clemson

The best player left on the board and it's the position the Bucs need. The knee injury has dropped his stock, but if it checks out, he's a top 10 talent. Another possibility could be... Akeem Ayers


14th Pick. New York Giants: Akeem Ayers - Outside Linebacker - UCLA

Keith Bullock may be leaving through free agency, so the Giants get a younger, fresher replacement. Another possibility could be... Anthony Castonzo


15th Pick. San Diego Chargers: J.J. Watt - Defensive End - Wisconsin

J.J. Watt is the best 3-4 defensive end left on the board, a position which needs to be addressed by the Chargers. Another possibility could be... Anthony Castonzo


16th Pick. New England Patriots: Cameron Jordan - Defensive End - California

Picking in the middle of the draft really doesn't have any drawbacks for the Patriots as they still have the same amount of people picking in front of them. Another possibility could be... Mike Pouncey


17th Pick. Jacksonville Jaguars:  Aldon Smith - Defensive End - Missouri

Another team smack in the middle of the draft. The only drawback for the Jags is that the lower half of the draft has teams that need defensive ends, though they still take a great player in Smith. Another possibility could be... Cam Newton? Would they?


18th Pick. Miami Dolphins: Mark Ingram - Running Back - Alabama

First off, I apologise to any Dolphins fans hoping they would take someone different for a change. Ingram isn't a top 10 back, but he just seems to fall to Miami. Another possibility could be... Mike Pouncey


19th Pick. St. Louis Rams: Corey Liuget - Defensive Tackle - Illinois

No wide receivers available here so the Rams will have to wait. Liuget shores up their run defense and could be a reasonable target come the actual NFL Draft in a few weeks. Another possibility could be... Torrey Smith


20th Pick. Detroit Lions: Anthony Castonzo - Offensive Tackle - Boston College

Hopefully, this means Matt Stafford can go a full season without missing a game due to injury. Another possibility could be...Jimmy Smith


21st Pick. Minnesota Vikings: Cam Newton - Quarterback - Auburn

A much needed improvement at the quarterback position. Though I will not compare these two, this pick may conjure up memories of Fran Tarkenton for elder Vikings fans. Another possibility could be...Adrian Clayborn


22nd Pick. Houston Texans: Muhammad Wilkerson - Defensive End - Temple

Wilkerson's draft stock has risen quickly and is building momentum as the draft draws near. As for the Texans, I've said it before and I'll say it again, any defensive pick is a good pick. Another possibility could be...Jimmy Smith


23rd Pick. Washington Redskins: Jake Locker - Quarterback - Washington

Mike Shanahan has made it clear how much he likes Locker as a player, so it makes perfect sense that the Redskins take him. Can you really say Sexy Rexy is the future of the franchise? Thought not. Another possibility could be...Torrey Smith


24th Pick. Dallas Cowboys: Gabe Carimi - Offensive Tackle - Wisconsin

Carimi is a very large mammal. It seems reasonable that the new head coach, who used to be a quarterback, would spend his first pick on protecting Tony Romo. Another possibility could be...Jimmy Smith


25th Pick. Tennessee Titans: Adrian Clayborn - Defensive End - Iowa

Babin and Ball, which sounds like an awesome double act, will both be gone in free agency, so the Titans select a defensive end in back-to-back first rounds. Another possibility could be... Christian Ponder


26th Pick. San Francisco 49ers: Christian Ponder - Quarterback - Florida State

With Ponder coming from a pro-style offense, he will slot in easily in Jim Harbaugh's Stanford style offense. Another possibility could be...Cameron Heyward


27th Pick. Cleveland Browns: Justin Houston - Defensive End - Georgia

Probably the best player left on the board who would also fill the need for a pass rusher. Another possibility could be...Martez Wilson


28th Pick. Arizona Cardinals: Ryan Mallet - Quarterback - Arkansas

Toss up between Mike Pouncey and Ryan Mallet, but Mallet wins out due to an overwhelming need for a quarterback in Arizona. I really hope they can trade for a veteran quarterback after the draft, just so they don't throw Mallet into the deep end. Another possibility could be...Mike Pouncey


29th Pick. Cincinnati Bengals: Jimmy Smith - Cornerback - Colorado

Johnathan Joseph's contract runs out this summer, so it's necessary that the Bengals replace him. No quarterback here because the likes of Dalton and Kaepernick are not first round quarterbacks. Another possibility could be...Torrey Smith


30th Pick. Buffalo Bills - Derek Sherrod - Offensive Tackle - Mississippi State

The Bills have a big need at tackle which can be addressed by Sherrod. Pretty much a mirror image for Sherrod, who has been selected in most mock drafts at No. 29 to the Chicago Bears. Another possibility could be...Cameron Heyward


31st Pick. Denver Broncos - Stephen Paea - Defensive Tackle - Oregon State

Paea's bench press at the combine was monstrous, but knee concerns have prevented his stock from rising too high. The New Zealand native played rugby at a young age, so if the Broncos ever face 4th and inches, Paea is the man. Another possibility could be... Kyle Rudolph


32nd Pick. Carolina Panthers - Torrey Smith - Wide Receiver - Maryland

Torrey and Steve Smith have a lot in common. They can both take the top off a zone defense. They both play wide receiver. They are both called Smith. Either way, the Panthers have to hope Jimmy Clausen can become Superman to prevent them from having the first pick next year. Another possibility could be...Cameron Heyward


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