2011 NFL Draft: 7 First Round Draft Picks That Would Be Perfect for the Seahawks

Ben GoldsteinContributor IIIApril 12, 2011

2011 NFL Draft: 7 First Round Draft Picks That Would Be Perfect for the Seahawks

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    As a Seattle Seahawks fan I have been through the good and the bad in the past 5 years. We have been a top of the football world and then fell to the bottom of the NFC West (which could be the worst division in football). 

    After a year where the Seahawks won the weakest division maybe ever in the history of football many people thought they would get crushed in the wildcard round by the New Orleans Saints, but of course the Seahawks to many surprise upset the Saints and now have the 25th pick in the draft.

    The Seahawks have many needs for the teams starting at quarterback because Matt Hasselbeck is getting old and cannot get it done. Other positions of need are running back, offensive line and pretty much anything on defense.

    Here are the top 7 prospects the Seahawks should choose in the first round if there still there. 

7. Adrian Clayborn

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    Adrian Clayborn is a defensive end coming out of the University of Iowa. Clayborn is a tad undersized at 6'2" and 280 pounds but he makes up for it with his effort.

    He has an explosive first step and his first blow to the offensive lineman is very violent which causes a lot of space between him and the lineman. Clayborn is not the best athlete thats going to be on the field but he is the one who is going to put out the most effort day in and day out.

    A negative about Clayborn is his size but the bigger negative is his injury past. Clayborn has a disease called Erb's Palsy and losing strength in his right arm making it tougher for him to play, but with the effort he gives out he should be fine.

    If he is still there at the 25th pick which he probably will the Seahawks would take a great defensive lineman in Clayborn.

6. Jimmy Smith

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    Jimmy Smith is a big cornerback from the University of Colorado. Smith is 6'2 and weighs in at an impressive 211 pounds which is pretty big for a cornerback.

    Smith did not record an interception last year because he was only thrown to 20 times his senior season and only allowed one touchdown. He is also a very physical player that the cornerback position and recorded 68 tackles last season. He was an All Big 12 1st team cornerback and was known as one of the best cornerbacks in the nation.

    One thing I don't like him is that he has already compared himself to probably the best cornerback in the league by saying he likes the comparisons to Nnamdi Asomugha but he says he has better ball skills than Asomugha. I like confidence but this is going a tad overboard for my liking.

    He also had some issues off the field earlier in his career but he seems to have cleaned up his act and become a leader on and off the field in the recent years.   

    Smith would help the bad secondary of the Seahawks if drafted but character issues could be a concern.

5. Marvin Austin

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    Marvin Austin could have been the number 1 pick in this years draft he had not been suspended for the entire season.

    Austin was suspended for the entire 2010-2011 season because of his improper dealings with the agents. The year before he was suspended two games because of a coaches decision. He has also been accused of a bad work ethic and a really low maturity level. 

    But he does have freakish athletic ability that would be tough for most teams to pass up on for too long. Austin is very fast for a defensive lineman who ran the 40 in 4.84 seconds. He has a very quick first step and makes big plays. But at times he looks like he is giving no effort on plays.

    He is also a bit short at 6'1 but does have good bulk at 310 pounds.

    If the Seahawks were to draft him he would help the defensive line but it could also be a big bust. 

4. Nate Solder

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    Nate Solder is an offensive tackle from the University of Colorado. He is a huge tackle at 6'8 and 315 pounds. 

    The thing about Solder is that he is freakishly athletic for his size. He runs a 4.96 40 and his other combine results were extremely athletic for a tackle. His strength is a little on the low end but he can help himself in the NFL with a good weight plan.

    Solder also has a great work ethic and originally came to Colorado to play tight end but was moved to tackle and gain 90 pounds in three years. He is also well liked by his coaches and friends. 

    If the Seahawks drafted him then he could be paired with another up and coming tackle Russell Okung.

3. Christian Ponder

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    Christian Ponder is a quarterback prospect out of Florida State university. He had 4 very productive years and was a three year starting quarterback for the Seminoles.

    Ponder is not the biggest quarterback you will find at 6'2 and 230 pounds he is a tad undersized at the height position but there is no counting out that he can still get it done even because of his size.

    Ponder also is very smart and has been voted team captain at FSU for two straight years. He completed his degree in two and half years and has a good head on his shoulders.

    I also like his mobility that helps him get out of the pocket and scramble for those extra yards and he can thrown on the run. My only problem with Ponder is his injury past. He has been injured quite a few times in his career because of his size and trouble with not knowing when to slide when scrambling.

    But still Ponder can be a very good quarterback in the NFL while leading his team to wins. If drafted by the Seahawks Ponder can help the team very much.

2. Mike Pouncey

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    Mike Pouncey is a guard that would probably become a center from the University of Florida and is one of the top offensive line prospects in the NFL draft. He has great size for center or guard which ever one he plays at 6"5 and 300 pounds. 

    He's been a leader on and off the field and teams love his personality. There has been no reported issues off the field and he gets what he needs done on the field with no complaints.

    Many analysts thinks he is NFL ready right now and if you watch game film of him he is. He has great hands and is very violent on the field. He already has a brother in the NFL who exceeded expectations his rookie year last year and they have the same kind of playing style.

    With maybe the worst offensive lines in football that had at least 15 different combinations of starters Pouncey could be a very good lineman who will get it done and help with both the pass and the run.

1. Jake Locker

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    Jake Locker is the home grown product who went to University of Washington and graduated from Ferndale high school. 

    Locker coming out of high school was supposed to be a big time player and showed flashes through out his career of that big time kind of player but unfortunately injuries and a bad offensive line slowed him down.

    Locker still has all the potential to become a great quarterback though especially with Pete Carroll coaching him. Locker has a rocket arm but has trouble with accuracy. But he also is very mobile and can throw on the run very well.

    Locker is also known as a very hard worker on and off the field with great leadership and other qualities needed in a quarterback. Another reason why I like Locker is because if the Seahawks draft him then people will be intrigued to come to games and will love to see him succeed in the NFL in the city of Seattle.

    If drafted to the Seahawks Locker could become a franchise quarterback in due time with the help of Carroll.