New York Yankees' Lineup in Need of a New Lead

Nicholas LianosCorrespondent IApril 26, 2011

leadoff?Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

A mere two weeks into the season and the Yankees have been bombing away to score runs.

That is good for the regular season, but if the Yankees make the playoffs, they will need better performance from their leadoff hitters.

Brett Gardner looks lost and confused. Brett, who likes to work the count, is working himself to the bench very quickly.

So far this season, Gardner is batting below his playing weight. He is hitting lazy fly balls to left, and rollers to second shows how off he is. Even with all his speed, Gardner can't bunt for a hit to put a little threat in the defense. 

Maybe sending him down might do him some good. 

The other option that Joe Girardi has penciled in is Derek Jeter. While Derek is hitting over .250 unlike Gardner, he is not getting any walks or hitting for any power. Just seven walks in the first 18 games of the season, giving him a robust .317 on-base percentage. 

Not a way to set the table and allow your No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5 guys to drive them in.

At least the Yankees have the ability to hit the long ball, otherwise the Yankees would have an offense as bad as the Seattle Mariners

While the Yankees are struggling to manufacture runs, it might be time to turn to Curtis Granderson. When he was on the Tigers, Granderson led off most of the time. While he is more of a power hitter and better suited to bat second or sixth in the lineup, the Yankees could use him until either Gardner or Jeter begin to hit.

Curtis has been a different hitter since Yankee hitting instructor Kevin Long made some adjustments in his swings. In a small sample size, Granderson has hit five of his seven HR against lefties. When lefties used to eat him up, at least now Curtis has been able to hold his own. 

Curtis does have his flaws too. He does strike out way to much to be a leadoff hitter for a long period of time, but this is just until either Jeter or Gardner start hitting. When that happens, you can slide Granderson down to the two spot and let him bomb away at the short Yankee Stadium right field porch. 

My starting lineup vs righties:

Granderson CF, Jeter SS, Tex 1B, ARod 3b, Cano 2B, Swisher RF, Posada DH, Martin C, Gardner LF

You get speed at the top and with Gardner at the bottom. Power in the middle and veteran bottom of the order that take pitches. 

Starting lineup vs lefties:

Jeter SS, Swisher RF, Tex 1B, ARod 3B, Cano 2B, Jones LF, Posada DH, Granderson CF, Martin C