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  2. Granderson Undergoes Thumb Surgery

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  6. to the bottom of 11 we go. Mets have the top of the order (Granderson, Wright, Murphy) against Hochevar

  7. but then michael conforto got a base hit. and so did flores. and so did juan uribe. and so did granderson. and so did wright. and so did mur

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  12. Take out Conforto, Granderson and Wright, and the rest of the #Mets offense went 18-for-107 with 17 singles in the #WorldSeries

  13. All class. @cgrand3 was everything and maybe a little more this season. #Mets #LGM https://t.co/UJ2wlsTVZj

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  18. Curtis Granderson ... https://t.co/f21SSWREM8

  19. Curtis Granderson underwent surgery today to repair a torn ligament in his left thumb.

  20. Mets say Granderson underwent surgery to repair a ligament in his left thumb. They say he will be ready for spring training.

  21. Curtis Granderson underwent surgery today to repair a ligament in his left thumb. The #Mets say he'll be fine by Opening Day.

  22. Curtis Granderson had injured the thumb sliding in Game 3 of the NLCS and then played the remainder of the postseason injured.

  23. Curtis Granderson undergoes left thumb surgery https://t.co/eWIzj01USq https://t.co/3Kk079V8AO

  24. Curtis Granderson undergoes surgery for thumb https://t.co/h1XU0fZyc8

  25. Granderson injured his thumb sliding into a base during the NLCS. He hit three home runs in 25 World Series plate appearances regardless.

  26. Granderson has surgery on thumb https://t.co/HEwtVwtc4h

  27. Granderson hit three homers in the World Series with a bad thumb. With a good thumb he might he might have been Murphy-esque, circa NLCS.

  28. Curtis Granderson had an .866 OPS in the playoffs. He did much of that with an injured ligament in his thumb. He had surgery Tuesday.

  29. #Mets announce that Granderson had surgery to fix a ligament in his left thumb and they expect him to be ready for spring training

  30. As far as I'm concerned, Curtis Granderson was the Mets' MVP. He played in 157 games, hit 26 bombs and led the regulars with a .364 OBP.

  31. Granderson had thumb surgery. https://t.co/7CkIL7wSGa

  32. Granderson Had Surgery To Repair Thumb On Tuesday https://t.co/8easx43R1A #Mets

  33. Mets OF Granderson has surgery for torn ligament https://t.co/NSn0XYICJc #NYM #Mets

  34. Now on https://t.co/U9EZbu3DuI: Granderson has surgery on torn thumb ligament https://t.co/pwwkUEcY4E #Mets

  35. Mets outfielder Curtis Granderson has surgery on ligament in left thumb https://t.co/xEFla3tPbf

  36. Mets' Curtis Granderson has surgery to repair torn ligament in thumb: https://t.co/GTIcaVgRax https://t.co/IJRLcybIjz

  37. Mets' Curtis Granderson has surgery to repair torn ligament in thumb: https://t.co/GTIcaVgRax https://t.co/HZJoefaCO1

  38. Curtis Granderson undergoes thumb surgery https://t.co/YAI1DpQvlw

  39. Granderson tore his thumb badly enough to need surgery. You wouldn't have known it... https://t.co/l4cB5dYSuE #Mets https://t.co/anKYKsCSIQ

  40. Turns out, Curtis Granderson played in the World Series with a pretty significant injury. https://t.co/eDAsgJ3WOz https://t.co/SuqpHiG5OU

  41. Wrote items today on Harvey comeback player, Granderson surgery, Smoker to 40 and deGrom's hair. Murph QO Friday. https://t.co/06VfWglTm6

  42. NL East Notes: Toscano, Granderson, Molina, Alvarez, Marlins, Klentak https://t.co/XpDx7LuvmV https://t.co/sBtnDRfE6i

  43. Mets have LH hitters Conforto, Granderson & righty hitters Cuddyer and Lagares. Fifth ideally is LH because he's sharing time with Lagares.

  44. Other than Granderson, of course.

  45. After what fielding meant in World Series, I'm not sure Curtis Granderson in CF with any regularity is in the plans. https://t.co/LDnoUkhH5W

  46. Curtis Granderson is a Gold Glove runner-up. Jason Heyward (deservedly) wins National League honors in right field.

  47. Mets not searching for leadoff hitter to displace Curtis Granderson https://t.co/lA04qtrh6x #NYM #Mets