With Key Additions Signed It's Time for the Oakland Raiders to Trim the Fat

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIMarch 14, 2011

A huge target when heathy, Chaz Schilens has yet to play a complete season..
A huge target when heathy, Chaz Schilens has yet to play a complete season..Jeff Gross/Getty Images

The Oakland Raiders have made some very impressive signings.

Signing CB Rod Woodson to head the CB core is a great move for the Silver and Black; hiring coaches Hue Jackson, Chuck Bresnahan, Steve Wiszniewski and Greg Biekert—this is a list of greats.

Then was the re-signing of Richard Seymour. Yes, very impressive moves by the Oakland Raiders.

However, with the recent signings, the Oakland Raiders will be looking to release players that have not contributed.

Sadly, the first player I would have mentioned was recently signed and that was QB Kyle "OMG! He is gonna throw the ball!" Boller—the master of interceptions. But he is still a Raider, so hopefully Al Saunders can do something about that arm.

That being said, the next player that should be released is J.T. O' Sullivan. J.T. was brought in to back up someone; however, his days with the Raiders are numbered.

WR Darrius Heyward Bey: The Raiders find themselves in a favorable position at WR with the emergence of Jacoby Ford. Both Jacoby Ford and Louis Murphy are speedburners in the secondary and have good hands, but Darrius has struggled to catch the ball.

Darrius Heyward Bey has improved somewhat, but the Raiders need dependability by its WR if they are to repeat domination of the AFC West. Darrius Heyward Bey may be looking at his last season if his performance doesnt pick up this season..

The Raiders can find another WR in the draft and free agency; preferably by free agency, but more than likely the fastest WR in the combine would be picked up by Al Davis.


C Sam Satele: The Raiders can let Satele go and find a better and bigger center. Satele was a former Dolphin before being traded to the Raiders last season.Satele recently resigned and hopefully he will help hold the rush, however, his size is a factor.


WR Chaz Schilens: How long before this wide receiver plays a complete healthy season? He is a wonderful athlete on the gridiron; however, that's the issue here: Chaz Schilens can not remain healthy and it is costly to the team.

The Raiders should drop Schilens and look for another player in the draft.


CB Walter McFadden: Who? Exactly.

Walter McFadden played a few times last season and looked horrible. He was always burned in the secondary and made it a slight task for the opponents to catch the ball.

Possibly Rod Woodson can improve his game, but for now, I would guess he will also be released here soon.


Now, if the Oakland Raiders lose CB Nnamndi Asomugha, I would hope they get a first round draft pick and a trade.

For most of the Raidernation, it's a daily task to see what is happening with Asomugha. The NFL labor talks have impeded the usual flow on things in the NFL. This is a bit of relief for the Raidernation.

Hopefully, Nnamndi Asomugha stays with the Oakland Raiders.