Why Can't Oakland Raiders Owner Al Davis Drive 55 MPH? Speed, Speed, Speed!!

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIMarch 11, 2011

Al Loves Speed and Bo Jackson showed why!
Al Loves Speed and Bo Jackson showed why!Mike Powell/Getty Images

Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis has always, always been a man driven by the desire to create the greatest football team of all time. There will never be an NFL owner like the legendary "maverick" himself, Mr. Al Davis.

Since the 1960s, Al Davis had been a foundation for the AFL. F. Wayne Valley hired Al Davis to coach the Oakland Raiders in 1963. At 33, Davis was the youngest coach in professional football history. Being Al, he went to work immediately and implemented the "vertical game."

That season the Raiders improved to 10–4. Al Davis was also named the AFL Coach of the Year. Soon after, Al Davis left the Raiders for a short period to serve as the AFL Commissioner. In doing so, he rapidly merged the AFL and the NFL. This merger was the birth of the " Super Bowl". Thanks again Al .

Shortly after, Al Davis returned to Oakland. Winning has always been in his heart and he was back to make winners of the Silver and Black. It was only a matter of time before he would get the Oakland Raiders to a Super Bowl. The wait was short. The Oakland Raiders played in Superbowl II. Unfortunately, they lost to the Green Bay Packers but they had made it to the big game.

Next step: a win.

To get his team "committed to excellence," Al Davis brought in some speedsters and cannon-armed quarterbacks such as the "Mad Bomber," Daryl Lamonica. Al Davis wanted to attack opponents and score at will and to do so, Mr. Davis needed speed!

Speed, speed, speed.

It is well-known throughout the NFL that Al Davis loves the fastest players of the draft.  He has always been a fan of what we all call "The Bomb."  Al Davis not only used speed for the offense; he also developed it in the defense.

Huge names like Jack Tatum, Mike Haynes, Willie Brown, Lester Hayes and Ted Hendricks terrorized opponents who were stopped, punished or intercepted by a speedy silver-and-black secondary. Presently, you gotta love Rolando McClain and—hopefully—Nnamdi Asomugha. These players represent todays stars and both are elite and fast.

Offensively, Davis brought in names like Fred Biletnikoff, Cliff Branch and the powerful and fast Bo Jackson. Next season, rookie Jacoby Ford and Louis Murphy are going to be very tough to cover. Both speedsters are proof of the Al Davis magic. Also, if you bring in the speed of McFadden then you can clearly see why Al Davis chose McFadden.

Al Davis had a speedy career and he moved up quickly through the ranks. The Oakland Raiders are based on being the fastest. Anyone remember James Jett?

Olympic speed.

As of late, Al Davis has been speeding around preparing the Oakland Raiders for next season. In just three months Al Davis has:

1. Hired a new head coach (Hue Jackson)

2. Resigned Richard Seymour

3. Franchised Kamerion Wimbley

4. Hired Greg Biekert

5. Hired Legendary CB Rod Woodson

6. Hired Chuck Bresnahan

7. Hired Steve Wisniewski

8. Hired Al Saunders (offensive coach)

That's quite a few moves—and each decision has been pivotal for the team and should result in a lucrative season. Al Davis is a man driven, and 55, 65 or 75 mph will not do! Full throttle! Davis is determined and has been for half a decade.

It's "pedal to the metal" for Al. There are many out there saying he needs to "die so the Raiders can win." Pretty sad, considering the Oakland Raiders are Al Davis. And although he made some some bad judgment calls ( Jamarcus Russell., Javon walker, etc), he managed to get this team back to contention by hiring Tom Cable.

Al Davis improved his Raiders to 8-8. The Oakland Raiders at this time look Super Bowl-bound. After last season's performance, the Oakland Raiders know that they can get to the playoffs. There were a few weaknesses and Al Davis seems to be working to correct those.

Al Davis continues to prove his right to rule, so to speak. Davis is the man for the Raiders and as long as he is running the show, the Raiders will show a "Commitment to Excellence" and have "Pride and Poise." These words come from the man himself! They come from the speed demon of the NFL—Oakland Raiders owner, "speed-loving" Al Davis himself.

Go Raiders! And a special thanks to Sharon and Victoria, my fellow nurses.