Super Bowl XLV Was Great: Now, Get Ready for the Dallas Cowboys

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Super Bowl XLV Was Great: Now, Get Ready for the Dallas Cowboys
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
Clay Matthews. Congratulations to the Packers!

Bless my big blue stars, silver-headed Cowboys fans, the foul Pittsburgh Steelers lost a Super Bowl in our backyard. 

And wouldn't you know it, the man who planted his hammer firmly in Big Ben's ball basket was Thor himself, the God of Thunder, who now goes by the name of Clay Matthews.

Seriously, the Super Bowl was a great game, if for no other reason than the Steelers losing in such an embarrassing fashion.  I mean, Troy Palamalu was a real no-show while Clay Matthews shut down Ben Roethlisberger.

Oh yeah, the Steelers getting blown out in the first half was real charmer.

And Aaron Rodgers—how the hell does he look so much like Joe Namath?

I am happy for the Packers and all fans who hate the Steelers.

Now, it is time for the offseason to begin.  It is time for the Cowboys to begin anew.  The Cowboys have a new and exciting head coach, whom I shall hereafter refer to as Captain America, and a coaching staff that looks more fearsome than it has since Johnson and Zampeze. 

I have never been more stoked for an offseason before.  This is a first.  Now, let's get Tony Romo back and the rest of the gang together for a Wade-less training camp.


P.S.  JJ, you started the ball rolling by rolling Wade Phillips out of town.  You need to continue the trend by showing Dave Campo the EXIT door.

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