NFL Playoffs: Chicago Bears Show Us the Real Seattle Seahawks

Kevin NesgodaCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2011

CHICAGO, IL - JANUARY 16:  Head coach Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks runs off the field after the Seahawks 35-24 defeat to the Chicago Bears in the 2011 NFC divisional playoff game at Soldier Field on January 16, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

This was the Seattle Seahawks that we all had come to know and love this past season. This is the team that lost by no less than 15 points  any time this year and lost by double digits again today. This is a team that had absolutely no running game all year and was out-gained by Jay Cutler himself by nine yards on the ground and Beast Mode returned  to Least Mode.

People thought that the Bears were their best possible match-up coming into the playoffs, but they really weren’t. The best possible match—up was the banged up Saints team that they almost lost to and now many are going to consider a fluke win after today’s showing. I thought last week was a fluke, Seattle played well, but the game was a total fluke. It was a perfect storm where everything went Seattle’s way.

Today in Chicago we saw the real Seahawks and it really cost Seattle a chance at winning the next two weeks.

Seattle now drafts 25th in the upcoming draft.

Some notable draft picks in that lost over the last ten years: Freddie Mitchell, Ahmad Carroll, Jason Campbell and Charles Grant.

Some big time names there.

wouldn’t you agree?

I know I’ll hear that you need to win the games and it builds a winning attitude and tradition.  I disagree with that, half this team will not be back next season and there is going to be more turnover over the course of the season just like this past year.

Pete Carroll has said he wants Matt Hasselbeck back next year, but there are so many teams desperate for a quarterback that bringing back Hasselbeck could be extremely expensive.

Will a lot of players want to come in and play in Seattle that will make a difference? I don’t think so. Most of the impact players will go back to their old teams because of the labor agreement. It looks like Seattle could get T.J. Houshmandzadeh back if they really wanted. He just wants a chance to catch the ball and make big plays. He has to catch the ball though.

I know the draft isn’t a sure thing, especially with Seattle's past top ten picks. Rick Mirer was a bust and Aaron Curry is looking like a bust. Russell Okung seems to be developing some lower leg issues that could haunt him for his career, but it’s too soon to judge. When healthy he is dominant.

Ben Obomanu and Mike Williams showed Shaun Alexander syndrome, dropping a lot of balls and being generally ineffective after getting a nice new contract and getting some guaranteed money. Williams looked slower and fatter out there today. Guess he really isn’t worth those extra three years and he was a little bit too happy and cocky after catching that fluke touchdown in the fourth quarter.

I still think losing to the Rams was a big mistake and when it rolls around to be this time next year and the Rams or 49ers are in the playoffs and Seattle is drafting in the top ten again you’ll understand where I’m coming from. Next year already has seven built in losses with games scheduled against PittsburghBaltimore, Philadelphia, New York Giants, Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago. Going to have to be perfect against the Redskins, Browns, Bengals and NFC West to make the playoffs.