49ers' New Man: Will Jim Harbaugh Be a Success in the Golden Gate City?

Austin BrinesContributor IIJanuary 7, 2011

Jim Harbaugh and Andrew Luck after their Orange Bowl win
Jim Harbaugh and Andrew Luck after their Orange Bowl winMarc Serota/Getty Images

Jim Harbaugh just signed a 5 year/25 million dollar deal with the San Francisco 49ers. The obvious question most will ask is "Will he be a success?" To figure this question out, you have to look at many different angles.

First off, this 49er team is not a team without any talent.

They are in need of a quarterback and a good coach in order to win the division. Already on the team is Patrick Willis, a star linebacker, Frank Gore, a great RB, and Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree, two more very good weapons. All of these players go along with a good offensive line and a good defensive supporting cast.

I personally believe Jim Harbaugh will find a quarterback he thinks can lead him to the glory land. I could see them making a trade for Donovan McNabb, Shaun Hill or another veteran. If Harbaugh wants, he could draft a franchise quarterback such as Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker or Cam Newton. All of these guys could take the Niners to the playoffs in my opinion.

Another factor you have to consider when wondering if he will be a success is his division.

This NFC West was the first division ever to have the champion not even have a winning record! Harbaugh will get six games a year against teams without a lot of talent. If he can win half his games, he has a good chance to make the playoffs.

Harbaugh's coaching style should transfer well to the NFL, because he runs a pro style offense and runs the ball to set up the pass. He is a very intelligent coach and has a brother who coaches in the NFL.

However, there is no guarantee that just because of his great coaching job at Stanford in college football that that will transfer over to the NFL.

Many great college coaches such as Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier did not succeed in the NFL. I personally believe Harbaugh will succeed in the NFL, but now I will pose the question to you. Will Jim Harbaugh succeed in the National Football League with the 49ers?