NFL Week 16: Vick Stinks But Manages To Dog New York Giants Again

Kate ConroySenior Analyst IIJanuary 17, 2017

Nick Laham/Getty Images

Philadelphia Eagles superhuman QB Michael Vick sure looked human tonight as his team lost 24-14 to the Minnesota Vikings, at home in Pennsylvania.
Vick was in obvious pain against Minnesota, specifically Vikings Jared Allen who had his number all night long.
After the embarrassment Vick single-handedly put on the Giants in Week 15,
He just couldn’t stay dynamic when the New York Giants desired him too.
Just in case you missed ESPN’s newest classic starring Vick, who guided the Eagles into scoring four touchdowns in the last seven minutes to take the game away from the Giants who at the time were leading 31-10.
The G-men wanted to have the chance to right them by making the playoffs, but guess they should have thought of that earlier. Nothing like making the playoffs because you are winning, which surely beats waiting on other teams to decide your fate.
So, how can the Giants slid into the playoffs?
If the Eagles had won, it would put pressure on the Chicago Bears to win in Week 17 in order to get the first round bye in the NFC.
The Eagles loss allows the Bears to maintain their position, which makes the need to beat the Green Bay Packers on Sunday not mandatory. The Giants need Green Bay to lose in order to snag a Wild Card spot.
Could it happen?? Yes it is possible and Bears coach Lovie Smith says the starters will play as usual; but pulling some guys early is likely if it prohibits a serious injury.
No good has ever come from resting players’ pre-playoffs in any sport because time and again it gets a few guys out of their groove.
Problem #2 is that Green Bay looked incredible reeking havoc on a despondent Giants team this past weekend.
The Giants had six turnovers in Green Bay, and lacked the desire to win. The G-men are obviously still shell-shocked from the Vick manhandling, but was it worth another humiliation?
Honestly, the Giants are not the Jets who will take what they can get. The Giants looked dominate for most of the season, so not earning it won’t be as gratifying.
Coach Tom Coughlin expects more than Jets coach Rex Ryan, who will act like the Jets made it when in reality they lost and got lucky off another team’s results.
Coughlin is a leader and should remain as such for the Giants in 2011-12, regardless of what happens next weekend.
The Giants also have to beat the Washington Redskins in the Capital on Sunday.
Who knows which Giants team will show-up, but when a team has nothing to play for like the Redskins they usually play better.