Houston Texans Might As Well Not Show Up Thursday Against Philadelphia Eagles

WesAnalyst IDecember 1, 2010

Thanks Staples. That was easy.
Thanks Staples. That was easy.

Things I would rather do instead of getting my brains bashed in include—watching the Cleveland Browns battle it out against the Carolina Panthers, being reamed out by Andy Reid in front of my peers, and James Harrison's wallet after any hit against a quarterback in the NFL.

But for some reason the Houston Texans are going to board a team plane, travel out to Philadelphia and get an epic beat-down at the hands of your 2010 Philadelphia Eagles.

What could you possibly fear about the Houston Texans in this spot?

The Texans are playing on a short week after an emotional win over a divisional opponent and they get to face an Eagles team looking to rebound after a bad loss.

Not only that, but when was the last time the Texans went on the road, and beat a good team in a big spot?

My guess is never.

I don't fear Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson, or Arian Foster because the Texans defense is so putrid, so pathetic, so embarrassing they could never outscore the Eagles.


The Texans pass defense has allowed the following quarterbacks to throw for more than 300 yards: Peyton Manning (433), Donovan McNabb (426), David Garrard (342) and Mark Sanchez (315).

That's not the kind of list where you stand back and say, "Man, you sure are in good company with all of those guys."

Houston's pass defense has allowed the opposition to average 286.2 yards per-game even though they held good 'ol Rusty "Trombone" Smith to 138 yards.

With those numbers fans should be more surprised if Michael Vick doesn't clip the 400-yard mark.

It's such a lopsided mismatch on one side of the ball you don't even need to worry about Sean McDermott's game plan, Stewart Bradley whiffing on tackles, or Joselio Hanson looking like Izel Jenkins.

Every now and then teams are given a gift by those who make the schedule and this is it for Philly.

The Eagles not only get a layup for a game, but they get extra rest before they travel to Dallas the following weekend.

It's the perfect time for Reid to right the ship and allow the Eagles to punch their playoff ticket.

On the other side, this game will mark the beginning of the end for the Texans who will drop to 5-7 and find themselves essentially eliminated from the playoffs.