Bengals Score 31 First Half Points But Still Lose; Has This Happened Before?

Andrew McKillopContributor IINovember 22, 2010

The Bengals were overcome by the Bills in the second half.
The Bengals were overcome by the Bills in the second half.Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals season continued downward on Sunday, this after losing to the Buffalo Bills despite going into halftime with a 31-14 lead.  Since 1950 there have been only eight occurrences in pro football, where a team lost a game despite scoring 30 or more points in the first half.  To top that the Bengals margin of loss (-18), was by far the greatest margin of loss by any team in those eight occurrences.






2010 Bengals 31 (scored 31 1H pts)  Bills 49

2008 Eagles 37 (scored 30 1H pts) Cowboys 41

1991 Browns 30 (scored 30 1H pts) Eagles 32

1989 Redskins 37 (scored 30 1H pts) Eagles 42

1980 Saints 35 (scored 35 1H pts) 49ers 38

1966 Giants 40 (scored 31 1H pts) Browns 49

1965 49ers 41 (scored 35 1H pts) Vikings 42

1963 Oilers 49 (scored 35 1H pts) Raiders 52

The Bengals clearly had one of the greatest half-time flip flops of performances in pro football history.