NFC South: Saints FB Heath Evans Says New Orleans In Perfect Position

Randy SavoieAnalyst IINovember 12, 2010

Saints fullback Heath Evans says Saints have put themselves in perfect position to strike.
Saints fullback Heath Evans says Saints have put themselves in perfect position to strike.Matthew Sharpe/Getty Images

Fullback is a lonely position. Not much notoriety. No glory really. Little fanfare.

It is the only position where a sportswriter will ask you if you think the position will still be around in ten years.

It is a thankless job but somebody has to do it and Heath Evans does it about as well as anybody in the business.

While he is far from being the highest profile player on the New Orleans Saints, he is likely the most articulate member of the team as he displayed on ESPN Radio Thursday night.

A future in broadcasting is his if he so chooses.

Here is a sample of what Evans had to say:

Where the Saints lucky in 2009?

If you believe in luck, I don't know what luck is. You here all these fancy sayings about it. Luck is preparation. I don't know what it is.

You look back at the Washington Redskins game last year. Robert Meachem stripping the ball and running it in for a touchdown otherwise we lose.

There was a lot of things where you look back at the film of last year and say, "Wow! We were either really, really, really good or really, really, really lucky.

We're working the kinks out and the best thing is we're 6-3 and have yet to play our best football.

Have the Saints fallen off this year?

People got used to the 2009 Saints team. That year was magical. That team was magical. Every ball bounced our way. Every call went our way. This year has been different. We've fumbled the ball. We've thrown interceptions. We've dropped interceptions. We've gotten bad calls. We've held and we've been offsides.

It's been a struggle but we're 6-3. We're still in a position to meet every single one of our goals. We're sitting in Week 10 in a good spot.

Comparing the three NFL coaches you've played for: Holmgren, Belichick and Payton

Mike Holmgren's style and the way he led is totally different from Bill Belichick and Sean Payton. I took the risk of leaving a world championship contender...because of the belief that Sean Payton instilled in me...I left (New England) because I saw the same tenacity, the same instincts, the same will to win, the same idea of a head coach willing to sacrifice for the betterment of his team—study longer, watch more film and really do everything to put his team on top.

The characteristics of the Saints and Patriots compared to the Seahawks...there are no comparisons. I would say a selfish team (Holmgren's Seahawks) compared to two organizations (the Saints and Patriots) that don't allow selfish people in them.

Tomorrow Part Two: Saints FB Heath Evans sounds off about his alma mater Auburn and Cam Newton.