NFL Playoffs: Which Team Will Finish the Season with the Best Record?

Michael WallCorrespondent INovember 12, 2010

ATLANTA - NOVEMBER 11:  Quarterback Matt Ryan #2 of the Atlanta Falcons yells to his offense against the Baltimore Ravens at Georgia Dome on November 11, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons defeated the Baltimore Ravens last night in a very close, exciting game.  

The Falcons are now 7-2 and have guaranteed that they will head into Week 11 with a share of the best record in the NFL

However, can Atlanta finish the season with the best record and earn the number one seed in the NFC? 

A better question may be whether or not any team will win more than 12 games this season? 

We have seen more parity than every before this season, as every team has at least two losses in Week 10.

There are six teams in the NFL that have a chance of finishing the season with the best record: 

Atlanta Falcons, New York Giants, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets and New England Patriots.   

Below I will break down the rest of each of these team's schedules and determine who will have the most wins after 16 games. 

Playoff Contenders Left Out of Discussion 

Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints, Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Bears, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Baltimore Ravens.  

Atlanta Falcons (7-2)

W at St. Louis 

L vs. Green Bay

L at Tampa Bay 

W at Carolina 

W at Seattle 

W vs. New Orleans 

W vs. Carolina 

Clearly the team has a favorable schedule at the end of the season.  The Falcons will finish the season at 12-4 and win the NFC South. 

New York Giants (6-2)

W vs Dallas

L at Philadelphia  

W vs. Jacksonville 

W vs. Washington 

L at Minnesota 

W vs. Philadelphia 

L at Green Bay 

W at Washington

Unlike the Falcons, the Giants have a tough last four games.  A lot may depend on how the Vikings are playing, but I do not think New York will earn 12 wins. 

Green Bay Packers (6-3)


W at Minnesota 

W at Atlanta 

W vs. San Francisco 

W at Detroit

L at New England 

W vs. New York Giants 

W vs. Chicago

The last three games will be very tough for the Packers, but they have benefit of home-field advantage in two of them.  They win finish the season at 12-4. 

New England Patriots (6-2) 

L at Pittsburgh 

L vs. Indianapolis (Coming off a short week) 

W at Detroit 

W vs. New York Jets 

L at Chicago 

W vs. Green Bay 

W at Buffalo 

W vs Miami 

The Sunday night matchup between the Patriots and Steelers may be the biggest game of the season thus far.  However, the Patriots will lose back-to-back games the next two weeks and finish the season 11-5.

New York Jets (6-2)

W at Cleveland 

W vs. Houston 

W vs. Cincinnati 

L at New England 

W vs. Miami 

L at Pittsburgh

W at Chicago 

W vs Buffalo 

The New York Jets will split the season series with the Patriots and win the AFC East by one game. The Jets will finish the season 12-4.  

Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2

W vs. New England 

L vs. Oakland  

W at Buffalo 

L at Baltimore 

W vs. Cincinnati  

W vs. New York Jets 

W vs. Carolina 

W at Cleveland 

The Steelers have the benefits of playing both the Patriots and Jets at home this season.  Despite being swept by Baltimore, Pittsburgh will finish the season 12-4 and win the AFC North. 

How It All Breaks Down 

No team will reach 13 wins this season. 

The Atlanta Falcons and Green Bay Packers will both finish the season at 12-4.  Since the Packers will defeat the Falcons, they will hold the tiebreaker and win the number one seed in the NFC. 

The New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers will also both finish at 12-4.  The Steelers will earn the number one seed in the AFC by winning the head-to-head tiebreaker with the Jets.