Dallas Cowboys: Changes Jason Garrett Must Make to Inspire and Motivate Players

Game DayDogContributor IINovember 12, 2010

Is Dez Bryant the hungriest Cowboy?
Is Dez Bryant the hungriest Cowboy?Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

As a fan in Green Bay, I requested effort from the players on the field and didn't get it. (Live from Green Bay)  However, the opposite happened and Mike Jenkins became the poster child for being lackadaisical.

Lackadaisical—is supposed to reflect the old Wade Phillips Cowboys. The Jason Garrett Cowboys are preaching about—accountability. If the players effort and performance on the field wasn't lackadaisical, we wouldn't need to be discussing accountability. That embarrassing loss prompted a mid-season coaching change.

With our Dallas Cowboys helping to bring up the rear of the National Football League, I'm happy about the head coaching change. I want to be excited, but that's not the emotion I'm feeling because it's so late in the season. Perhaps I'll be excited when we get Joe Paterno for next season. Joe Pa's Next Job Article

I'll remain optimistic. The good thing about the start of the Jason Garrett era is the ability to make changes. I would like to share a list of changes that I would like to see.


  1. Mike Jenkins - Did anyone notice that Ed Reed was fielding punts last night? If Ed Reed can return punts I don't want to hear any arguments that Mike Jenkins can't return punts. If you want a player to tackle, let him be tackled—hard.
  2. Dez Bryant - It's time for him to step into the starting lineup. First rounders need to play in the first round spot. I've seen Dez catch everything thrown his way, regardless of coverage.
  3. Tashard Choice - If your looking for guys that want to play. Tashard Choice must be at the top of your list. If you don't want to hurt Marion Barber's feelings—open the game in a two back set.
  4. Keith Brooking - Is more physical during the pre-game player huddle than on the field. You're team defensive captain and people don't fear you. Perhaps it's time to have weekly captain votes.
  5. Stephen McGee - He needs some snaps to be evaluated under NFL conditions. If you are scared to play him, then he doesn't belong on the team. It's not a knock against Jon Kitna but you know what he brings to the table. Look at Sam Bradford, Matthew Stafford, Colt McCoy, Josh Freeman, Max Hall—there's only so much you can learn watching tape.

The offensive line has been offensive. I would like to evaluate players, but not by substituting them in the starting lineup. The best offensive lines are usually built from guys that have played together for a while. Since we're having problems running the ball, use an unbalanced line with another offensive lineman in the fullback position. 

I know a place where hungry guys exist. Men who may be Average Joes, but would play for 65 minutes in a 60 minute game. It's time to make some phone calls to the UFL and the Arena football leagues. I've heard that you can't coach speed. Apparently, this season's coaching staff can't coach effort to talented players. Let's try the reverse and coach talent to players with more than enough effort.