Lessons From Lambeau: The Thoughts Of A Dallas Cowboys Fan Visiting Green Bay

Game DayDogContributor IINovember 7, 2010

Effort. The missing ingredient?
Effort. The missing ingredient?Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I'm not a big fan of rah-rah articles, nor do I enjoy writing really personal articles. But I have packed my cold weather gear and traveled from the sunny warmth of Florida to the Frozen Tundra of Green Bay, Wisc.

My friends and I have assembled so the seven of us can drown out the Packers fans inside the hallowed Lambeau Field.

I bought my plane ticket AFTER Tony Romo got injured. The called me saying, "Man, save your money!" I replied, "Dude, it's Lambeau Field. I'm going!" and so the journey began.

During this weekend, we have worn our Dallas Cowboys merchandise around this city as if we were the defending Super Bowl champions.

We have the magnetic Dallas Cowboys helmets on the doors of the rental car and the flags waving from the roof. We have come to bring the pain because we believe that anything can happen on ANY GIVEN SUNDAY!!!

It's easy to be a fan when your team is winning. True fans support the team even when you don't expect them to win. Then we get the pleasure of acting as if we expected to win the entire time and all you really hoped to see was a little effort.

A little effort from defensive players fighting through blocks and wide receivers making catches without begging for a flag.

Players running the length of the field to block and staying on their feet to make plays. A surge in the proper direction at the line of scrimmage, especially when that line is fourth-and-inches at the goal line.

Hopefully effort isn't too much to ask for from the Dallas Cowboys because the lack of it is unacceptable.

I feel like I'm watching a small child walk to the finish line because they've obviously already lost the race. You have to clap your hands and scream - "Let's go...finish strong!"

That effort when all seems lost comes from within. Perhaps it's pure will, heart, a representation of one's character or just pure pride, but I'll find out live if the players on my team have it.

I've made an effort to support my team and cheer them on while sitting on the most uncomfortable looking, unheated, metal bleachers in the entire NFL. Now I know why the local Green Bay Packers fans are always standing up during games.

To be totally honest, I'm looking forward to the entire historical experience. The city of Green Bay has been accepting of our blue and silver for the weekend and everyone we've encountered just wants an exciting game to watch (and a win).

The town is very knowledgeable about the history of football and I definitely can appreciate that.

Nothing compares to Jerry's World, but if you're a fan of football, seeing a game here absolutely MUST be on your bucket list. Take the tour (it's worth it) and bring plenty of thermal underwear. Seriously...it's cold!

I leave you with a quote from Lombardi that I saw while taking the tour: The Sweep. During the 1960's, the Packers dominated pro football, in no small part because of the sweep. A deceptively easy play, Vince Lombardi used the sweep to maximum effect.

In Green Bay's playbook, it was known as "49" when run to the right and "28" when run to the left. "There is nothing spectacular about it," Lombardi said. "It's just a yard gainer. But it's my No. 1 play because it requires all 11 men to play as one to make it succeed, and that's what team means."

Cowboys: 42, Packers: 14...because I never stop believing that the Cowboys will win.