Will Pittsburgh Become Another Feast For The Determined Oakland Raiders

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IINovember 9, 2010

Bruce Gradkowski comes from behind back to successfully defeat the Steelers
Bruce Gradkowski comes from behind back to successfully defeat the SteelersGregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Oakland Raiders are picking up momentum as they move to 5-4. This places them second and in the hunt for the AFC West title. The Raiders victory over their longtime nemesis KC Chiefs was a great moral booster. It also showed that the Raiders never give up!

Under coach Tom Cable and assistant Hue Jackson the Oakland Raiders are thriving. In fact they haven't had three straight wins since the days of Rich Gannon, Tim Brown and Jerry Rice.

The Oakland Raiders played against a complete Kansas City Chiefs team. As for the Silver and Black, they were handicapped without Pro Bowl CB Nnamndi Asomugha, TE Zach Miller and WR Louis Murphy. The handicap turned to embarrassment for CB Brandon Flowers as he was constantly outplayed by the speedy ball-hawking Jacoby Ford.

Jacoby Ford caught six passes for 148 yards and also returned the kick for a 94-yard TD. The combination of Jacoby Ford and Louis Murphy will be hard to maintain as both have "Al Davis" speed and good hands.

Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers gained a new respect for Jacoby Ford and it appears that the Steeler CBs will soon learn to respect the speed of the Silver and Black. This is reminiscent of the historic Raiders and the vertical game. Is that what we are seeing? Possibly.

Having the secondary worrisome about the trio of Murphy, Ford and Miller will make it all the more easier for the next duo of danger. The Oakland Raider RBs Darren McFadden and Michael Bush.

Darren McFadden has basically exploded this season with 757 yards. This nearly combines the totals of the last two seasons. The timing couldn't be any better.

In two weeks the Oakland Raiders will meet their legendary rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Should all go well in the days to come, the Oakland Raiders will be playing at 100 percent.

Both QBs, Jason Campbell and Bruce Gradkowski, should be rested and ready to pick apart the Steelers. Jason Campbell is said to start, but I like to think Bruce Gradkowski would like to give the Steelers another spanking.

WRs Ford and Murphy should be rested and back to form. Murphy has been recovering from a shoulder injury and hopefully is ready "burn" some CBs.

The Oakland Raider defense is strong, fast, powerful and fun to watch. This new defensive front of the Raiders is impressive. In fact, the resurgence of this new defense  returns a spirit that was lost to the Silver and Black. Opponents are beginning to realize that the Oakland Raiders are not to be taken lightly. This defense is fearsome and has the speed and power similar to the late Raiders of the seventies. 

Both old a new, additions like Rolando McClain, Richard Seymour, Matt Shaughnessy, Mike Mitchell, Kamerion Wimbley and even Tommy Kelly are on fire and stopping the run and creating turnovers for the Raiders. They are a huge reason for the success of the Raiders.

The Oakland Raiders have already shown that they can stop the run. With this in mind I predict the Pittsburgh Steelers will lose to Oakland, 35-24.

  Theres a new spirit in Oakland and maybe, just maybe, both Gene Upshaw and Jack Tatum are on the sidelines with this young team. 

The Raiders are on a roll! Roll baby, roll!