Randy Moss Claimed by Tennessee Titans

Carl D. CarlucciCorrespondent INovember 3, 2010

Can this man rein in Randy Moss?
Can this man rein in Randy Moss?Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Apparently, over 20 NFL teams decided they were good enough to pass on Randy Moss, because the Tennessee Titans have claimed the receiver off waivers.

The Titans, who recently lost top wideout Kenny Britt to injury, now add a dangerous deep threat to a roster that boasts 2,000-yard rusher Chris Johnson.

This makes an already potent Titans offense even more dangerous.

But what about Randy Moss' attitude problems? Word has it that Moss was released from the Minnesota Vikings after disrespecting a local caterer who was kind enough to feed the team after Friday's practice.

Digging deeper, Brad Childress is a worm of a head coach. He lacks the backbone to stand up to Brett Favre, but shoves Moss to the wayside after trading a third round pick for him. It is now clear that we can't really blame Moss for not respecting Childress.

However, in Tennessee Moss will be playing for Jeff Fisher.

Moss, who referred to Bill Belichick with reverence in the Vikings' postgame press conference Sunday, has shown that he can play for a respectable head coach, one with a backbone.

Fisher certainly qualifies. He is the longest-tenured head coach in the NFL today, having coached the Oilers/Titans since 1994.

Moss also makes the jump from a 2-5 team to a 5-3 team that is right in the middle of a playoff race. That has to sit well with the ornery wideout.

If a losing team like the Buffalo Bills, who claimed Shawne Merriman this afternoon, had claimed Moss, he would have been just as much of a problem child as he was in Minnesota.

The Titans, though, are just a game behind the Indianapolis Colts for the AFC South division lead.

It is surprising that teams like the San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins passed on Moss. Perhaps they were scared off by his attitude problems, or worried that he wouldn't report to their team, but all of those teams could have used Moss' talents.

The Titans lucked out. They are going to be a force to be reckoned with now. Moss' addition should spread the field and open running lanes for Johnson. His presence should also help Vince Young, who has shown his ability to complete deep passes to Kenny Britt.

Now Young will be throwing those deep passes to one of the best in the game.

And the Titans, who have two games left against the division-leading Colts, will be coming right at their depleted defense with two of the most explosive players ever.