At 2-4, the Oakland Raiders Can Win the AFC West With a Healthy Bruce Gradkowski

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIOctober 19, 2010

QB Bruce Gradkowski : The Heart of the Oakland Raiders
QB Bruce Gradkowski : The Heart of the Oakland RaidersGregory Shamus/Getty Images

Amazingly it's still a pretty close bout for AFC West domination. Currently, the Kansas City Chiefs are leading at 3-2. However, the Oakland Raiders, the San Diego Chargers and the Denver Broncos are all 2-4.

So what does Oakland need in preparation to battle Denver this Sunday and take a step in the right direction?

The real question is: Is Bruce Gradkowski healthy enough to get back into action?

By now it is known throughout the NFL and in the Raidernation that QB Bruce Gradkowski is the heart of the Silver and Black. Bruce Gradkowski has an energy about him and that energy flows through the team.

Once Bruce Gradkowski walks on to the field it seems like the players are energized. The WRs , Louis Murphy, Darrius Heyward-Bey and Zach Miller can catch balls. The RBs, McFadden and Bush run harder.This is an awesome team with Bruce "Almighty"!

What is the reason for this positive flow from the former Tampa Bay QB? A QB picked out by former Raiders coach Jon Gruden.

The answer is real simple and it is the reason the Oakland Raiders have a legitimate shot at AFC West domination. Bruce Gradkowski is still a kid at heart.

Bruce loves the game of football. He is not over run by the politics, the media or anything else. Bruce simply loves Oakland Raider football and no matter if the team is up or down, he brings in all the energy from start to finish and this is clearly seen by the fans around the planet.

Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis needs to sit with Tom Cable and Hue Jackson and let them know that their jobs are on the line if Bruce gets hit more than normal. The pocket protection must last that extra two seconds so Bruce can get the ball downfield.

I do feel that Tom Cable and Hue are doing a great job in Oakland but you need a field general like the last great QB Rich Gannon.

The Oakland Raiders could easily be ahead of the AFC West now if Sebastian Janikowski makes the field goal a few weeks back or Bruce Gradkowski doesn't have the shoulder injury and plays against the SF 49ers.( Jason Campbell was mediocre)

The defense has played well and although the media claims that it tires in the last quarters, I dont believe a word of it. Bring in Bruce and I am sure that you will see the Silver and Black defense fired up for the entirety of the game.

Against  the 49ers Jason Campbell had absolutely no desire and  couldn't bring out the spirit of the players. Jason Campbell is simply not suited for the Oakland Raiders and will be second string QB for the remainder of his career.

If the Raiders want to start getting back to back wins and  dominate the AFC West, I cant stress this enough, they need the heart of the game, Bruce Gradkowski. Protect Bruce and the Raiders are in the playoffs. So let it be written so let it done. Just win baby!