No More Bull S**t Let's Go Raiders!!!

Javon BarkusContributor IOctober 12, 2010

Hell yess
Hell yessEzra Shaw/Getty Images

Congrats to the Oakland Raiders and the whole entire Raider Nation on beating the San Diego Farters Yaaaaaaay!! We the fans helped win that game, the noise level inside was incredible and the team showed some real hart by pulling out that win.

But any who it's been 24 hours let's focus on the game at hand, yeah I watched the OAK vs SD game four times on rewind........ but hey I'm over it now. The San Francisco 49ers are holding a 0-5 record and looking pretty bad right about now and the Raiders on the other hand are looking really strong coming off a emotional win, there's no way in my mind we beat SD for the fist time in forever then lose to the 49ers... nope aint gonna happen. Let's see how we match up.

  • 49ers Offensive Game Averages

PTS 15.2 ( 31st )

YDS 311.4 ( 23rd )

PASS YARDS 233.6 ( 11th )

RUSH YDS 77.8 ( 30th ) <------ where's Frank Gore???

  • 49ers Defensive Game Averages

PTS 26.0 ( 27th )

YDS 339.0 ( 17th )

PASS YARDS 227.6 ( 21st )

RUSH YDS 111.4 ( 18th )

49ers are struggling!!! look at that rushing avg Alex smith has thrown 9 Int's in 5 games Raiders are gonna shut down the run and force Alex Smith to beat them witch will eventually lead to him throwing a ton of pics.With pressure coming form guy's like Shaugnessy, Seymour, Wimbley EVERYBODY!!! f**k it throw the house at him, Run DMC back with M.Bush dominating the run game setting up some big passes down field. I think the Raiders could bust this game wide open straight blow out if we do things right and come out swingin straight from the gate. OUR CONFIDENCE IS HIGH!!!!!!! Raiders have a solid chance to put together 5 consecutive wins and take over the AFC West if they don't be on that BULL S**T !!!!!!! LETS GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!