Randy Moss Trade Rumors: Patriots WR Headed for Minnesota?

Tommy TorkelsonCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2010

An Unhappy Randy Moss Finds Himself in Trade Talks To Minnesota Vikings
An Unhappy Randy Moss Finds Himself in Trade Talks To Minnesota VikingsJim Rogash/Getty Images

Twitter strikes again. After an accidental tweet by "Sports Guy" Bill Simmons of ESPN's Page 2, trade rumors have circulated that New England Patriots receiver Randy Moss is on the trading block and that the Minnesota Vikings are interested.


Fox Sports' Jay Glazer's tweet in reply:

"Yes, vikes and pats have been working on trade that sends randy moss to vikes and r very clode but can't be done until vikes and moss work out new contract, whcih they r working on"

Update: Sports Illustrated's Don Banks is saying Patriots are seeking 2nd round pick in 2011, minimum.

Randy Moss has voiced his concerns about not being wanted recently. But who would have expected that Moss could be seeing the door just a few weeks later?

After a failed attempt to acquire Chargers holdout wide receiver Vincent Jackson, the Vikings are, according to ESPN's Bill Simmons and Fox Sport's Jay Glazer, attempting to trade for Moss.

Now one can only wonder if this is really going to happen. Would the mastermind "hoodie" Bill Belichick part ways with the Hall-of-Fame quality wideout over those comments?

Maybe he's just keeping his team in line and dealing anyone out who doesn't fall in line with the team mantra of "don't talk to the media."

More likely, Belichick and owner Bob Kraft aren't willing to pay Moss like he feels is worthy of his services (nine catches, 139 yards, three touchdowns in four games this season).


For the Vikings, this trade makes great sense.

Acquire Brett Favre's long-awaited target whom he's been courting since 2007, and give the offense a boost which could restart them in the right direction.

A receiving corps of Moss, Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin, Bernard Berrian, and tight end Visanthe Schiancoe, along with a great running back in Adrian Peterson, would make Favre happy and keep the offense going.

I'd put the odds of this trade happening at +150. I slate it as an underdog because the Vikings couldn't make a deal with a tight owner in San Diego's AJ Smith, so it's fair to assume the Vikings would have to pay a pretty penny (player and a high pick, or first and third pick, maybe?) to acquire the 33-year-old Moss. Would they be willing to?

Everything is very premature at this point, and Profootballtalk.com is reporting that the hold up right now is finding an agreement on a contract extension for Moss to come to Minnesota for a longer term than one season, which is what Moss has wanted all along.

Notice that the compensation isn't a stopping point right now. That either means negotiations have passed the discussion of compensation and they've agreed at this point or they haven't been started.

Again, all of this is very much so still developing, but it's going to be a busy week in both New England and Minnesota as Moss finds himself in hot trade talks.