Jets Soar Over The Patriots 28-14; What a Difference A Week Makes

Chris Dela Rosa@chris_deezyContributor IJanuary 15, 2017

Al Bello/Getty Images

It has only been six days since the Jets played their last game in which they lost to the Baltimore Ravens in a disgusting fashion.  Last weeks 10-9 score may show a hard fought battle, bur the game was filled with penalties and poor choices.  With only six first downs and over 100 yards in penalties, many questions surrounded the Jets and whether or not they would be able to beat the New England Patriots.

Throughout the week leading up to the game, the Jets were at the center of a scandal with a Mexican reporter and the National Football League.  As of right now, this scandal is still being investigated by the NFL and not a day has gone by where it is not mentioned.  Meanwhile, Darrelle Revis was only able to practice two days due to a tight hamstring.

Today, the Jets proved that all of the distractions did not get in the way of their big match-up against the Patriots.  Starting off rusty and showing signs of a repeat, Sanchez was 0 for 2 and the Jets offense was not producing once again.  Leading up to the game, Jets head coach Rex Ryan said that all week leading up to the game against the Ravens, the Jets were practicing sloppily and that after their loss begin to have sharp practices and that they would beat the Patriots.

When the game entered the second quarter, Ryan's prediction began to show that he could be right.  The Jets defense let up a touchdown but on the ensuing drive, Mark Sanchez began to show why he was drafted and was seven for seven which included a touchdown pass to tie the game.  

Two drives later the Patriots went down the field and Brady threw a deep touchdown pass to Moss which Revis injured his hamstring which people questioned, one of them being Bengals receiver Terrell Owens who said "I see the 'revis island' gettin exposed! Now his hammy is hurting!!" (facebook).  

The Jets answered with a field goal hoping to keep the momentum going in the next half and went into the locker down 14-10.

Now going into the third quarter, cornerback Darrelle Revis did not return to the field with his hamstring injury and many began to count out the Jets now that they were without their number one cornerback.  Minutes later, ESPN reported the Revis would be out for the rest of the game.  From the start of the second half it was a terrible game for the Patriots which included a second interception thrown by Tom Brady and not a single point allowed by the Jets.  Sanchez went on to throw two more touchdowns and Nick Folk nailed a second field goal.

Compared to Monday, the Jets are tremendously better, going from six first downs to beating the Patriots 28-14.  On Monday the Jets woes included bad running which was completely different this week when LaDainian Tomlinson would finish his rushing attempts and led the Jets with 11 carries and 76 yards while Shonn Greene rushed 15 times for 52 yards.  

Although the Jets did not rush as well as they did last season, the key this week was that they did not fumble which was Shonn Greene's biggest problem against the Ravens.  Tight end Dustin Keller made up for his bad play at the end of Monday's by catching seven passes for 115 yards with a touchdown.  

While the Jets had a big victory, their next game will be even bigger; against the Miami Dolphins who will be coming off an upset where they beat the Minnesota Vikings at the Metrodome.  During Sunday's game against the Patriots, the Jets lost some players at one point or another.  

Brad Smith who is one of the best special teams players on the Jets was taken out of the game due to a jaw injury, Nick Mangold was out with an arm injury for a drive in the third quarter, Jason Taylor hurt his elbow on a gang tackle and reporters will have their eyes on Darrelle Revis this week since he did not play the entire second half.