Hall of Fame QB Joe Namath Criticizes New York Jets

Chris FaigCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2010

Hall of Fame Quarterback and Ex-Jet Joe Namath has continuously made comments about the New York Jets, displaying his disgust for the organization's antics on and off the field.

It all began with Namath expressing his feelings via Twitter during the Monday night Jets loss to the Baltimore Ravens: 

"The Jets abnormal amount of penalties in this game can be attributed to a disappointing lack of discipline."

"The Jets are playing with a conservative play calling style, which falls on the shoulders of the coaches. The poor execution doesn't."

"For the Jets to win this game we're going to need a miracle!"

"That's disgusting.  You need 10 yards for a first down and you complete a nine-yard out."

Clearly unhappy with the way the Jets have been carrying themselves in the media and on Hard Knocks, along with the poor Monday night performance, Namath has repeatedly criticized the players and entire Jets organization. 

Broadway Joe does not blame Mark Sanchez for the lack of production, but instead places the burden on the wide receivers and offensive line.  

"I'm more concerned about the offensive line than any part of the team," Namath told the New York Post the night after his frustrated Tweets.  "Our left guard position was annihilated.  They need to get some spinach into Popeye at left guard and make him a stronger and better player.  Otherwise it's gonna be a long season offensively."

He went on to tell the NY Post that he, "does not consider Cotchery or Edwards deep threats.  [Edwards] can't catch the ball for one thing, or rarely does.  He has as many drops as he does catches."  

Braylon Edwards responded to the criticism by Namath, telling ESPN that he's "not going to get into a back-and-forth with Mr. Namath.  Too much respect.  All I can say is, I don't think he really knows me. Tell him next time he's here, stop by my locker and he can tell me that."

Namath continued to analyze and discuss Edwards in his weekly Thursday appearance on "The Michael Kay Show." 

"I don't feel that we have the deep threat, the speed out there at this point, that the defensive backs respect.  I really believe that Edwards is a fine receiver, but meantime I don't think they're worried about him running by defensive backs."

All in All Namath would, "like to see him catch the ball more consistently."  

Namath went on to say that he felt the HBO series "Hard Knocks" was an overall negative to the New York Jets.  


"It has to be a distraction and you can't have spent as much time on your mental preparation and homework as you would have without the distractions.  So, yeah, I don't think it was a positive."

It was only one game and now the Jets play another great team in the New England Patriots.  In order for the Jets to win the game, Mark Sanchez and company will have to contribute significantly, taking risks down the field.  

Against Baltimore the coaches held Sanchez back because they're worried about him turning the ball over. But if the offense continues to hold back from throwing the long ball, then the safeties will continue to get themselves into better positions to make big plays.  

In my opinion, the ball and chain needs to be taken off Mark Sanchez. That's the bottom line.  Let his arm fly.  If Rex Ryan continuously says that the New York Jets is Mark Sanchez's team, at some point Sanchez needs to prove it.