2010 NFL Preview: Whos Going To The Palace In Dallas?

Garry VoltaireContributor ISeptember 8, 2010

This NFL season is very different than in past years. Well for one, there is no clear favorite. Over the past decade people could say easily well Patriots, Colts or Steelers will rule the AFC. Also this year there is no team that is on the elite level like those teams we on. Don’t get me wrong there are very good teams like the Saints, but their not on that elite or on the cusp of a dynasty like those teams were over the past decade..

Lets start of with the AFC:


Storyline: Revis..Of Course the best CB in the game will make all the difference in this division. W/o him the Jets would have been in trouble trying to stop Top WR's like Marshall and Moss

Projected Finish

Jets 11-5: Sanchez doesn’t have a great year, but good enough to help the offense, and with the that D it sure helps them cover that up

Patriots 10-6: A Patriot team that a nice mix of Veterans and youth, that should make this pretty decent, the D is the concern, and W/o Ty warren they are going to struggle a bit.

Dolphins 8-8: Im a not a big Henne fan, he an OK QB, but with the addition of new offensive weapons should help his transition in a everyday QB easy, I see this team losing a lot of close games with the inexperience of Henne.

Bills 2-14: This team is a mess, I have clue in which direction this team is going, all I can say is Lee Evans with all the talent this guy has will have a down year, because of the fact he has no one to throw him the ball, and on D Byrd is the only player to fear on a D that will be last in the league by years end.


Storyline: 6 to 4, The Steelers will get their Star QB back in time for the stretch run of their schedule, if they can survive the first 4 games, look out Ravens and Bengals.

Projected Finish:

Ravens 12-4: Flacco is due for a career year, with all the new offensive weapons and with a Top 5 D, this team should be a tough matchup, but not having Ed reed will hurt them a lil, but otherwise a solid team with High Sb aspirations.

Steelers 9-7: ATL, @TEN, @TAM and BAL, a tough 4 game swig w/o Big Ben. This puts a lot of pressure for the Steelers to revert to their old Run the ball 85% of the time ways with Dixon, but when its going to come down to the 4th Quarter im not sold on Dixon getting the job done, Look for them to start 1-3, but rebound well once Big Ben comes, but in the NFL 4 games could make or break ya season, a story to lil to late for them.

Bengals 8-8: Solid D, two very good WR's, only one problem..Can Palmer return to elite status, can he keep the euphoric state between both WR's..IDK think so. The bengals are a decent team, but I don’t believe much in palmer.

Browns 4-12: Year one of the NEW rebuilding process in Cleveland will began, Look for a slow start on D and a mediocre Offense, this is far from contending but Holgrem knows what he is doing.


Storyline: Hangover, can the Colts keep the faith and hunger have another tough big game lost?

Projected Finish:

Colts 12-4: Another year Manning leads his team to 12-4 mark of better, and with a more development from young WR's like Garcon and Collie, look for this team to outscore most of their opponents in 2010.

Texans 10-6: They finally do it, yup this is the year, where Shaub will lead this team to post season and with Kubiak Job supposively being on the hot seat, look for his team to step it up late in the season with key wins @TEN and @ DEN.

Titians 9-7: This team is young and will go though some rough patches but Fisher will get his guys ready to play and watch for Young to have a career year.

Jags 6-10: A team that has a lot of work to do to contend, and with Garrard being on the bubble look for him to try and step up his game, but with a D full of question marks will be the downfall for this Jags team.


Storyline: the AFC most wide open division will once again be on the success of Rivers.

Projected Finish

Chargers 9-7: With out their best WR and question marks on the D, the team will struggle against top team, but with a weak division look for this team to 5-1 in the division and take another AFC west crown.

Raiders 7-9: Campbell going to OAK was a blessing for his career, now he a team that wants him and a young offense that he can grow and mold around, look for this team to have its growing pain but the future in Oakland will be bright. "The Raiders will be back"- Al Davis

Broncos 6-10: Orton or Tebow, this Offense will Struggle during this year, the oline has issues, I don’t think Moreno will have a strong year, and with out their best defensive player this team will come last in sacks this year, look for them to struggle this year scoring points and getting to the QB.

Chiefs: 3-13 : Jamaal Charles and Matt Cassel are the only bright spot on a offense that will be less than sub par, and look for Eric Berry to turn into a solid player on a D that is lacking in star power.

AFC Playoffs:


3:Jets over 6:Texans 20-14

5:Patroits over 4:Chargers 31-20


5:Pats over 1:Colts 23-21

2:Ravens over 3:Jets 17-14

AFC Champ

Ravens over Pats 24-16

Now the NFC


Storyline: Which QB can stay on their feet the most, with O-line problems being on the norm in the NFC east the team who can find a way to protect their Qb will win.

Projected Finish:

Cowboys 10-6: O-line problems will be an issue in for the Dallas but a ferocious defense will help this team win these tough NFC east battles

Eagles 10-6: With so much Offensive talent the Eagles should be top 10 maybe top 5 in the NFL this year, but if the that oline still continues to allow massive pressure up the middle we would be talking bout a massive downfall for this eagle team, but with Jamal Jackson coming back week 1, it should up them reutilize that pressure and keep Kolb on his feet so he can dish it out to Celek, Maclin, Jackson, Avant and McCoy.

Giants 9-7: With a rebuilt Defense, it looks like the G-men should contend again this year, but like every other team in this division if they cant block they aint going no where.

Redskins 7-9: its the Old McNabb never had any weapons story AGAIN, now its Washighton..Moss is the only guy in the this offense McNabb can throw the ball to but even Moss is getting up there, I don’t like this redskin team one bit on offense, but that D should keep them in most games, to help out this miserable offense.


Storyline: Rodgers or Favre who can have the better year and lead?

Projected Finish

Packers: 11-5: With Rodgers coming into his own look out this team will have a monster year, and with a D that can stuff the run and play pretty good pass defense, their are going to be a tough match up for teams who cant put big Points

Vikings 9-7: Im not feeling the Favre magic this year, for this team and with Rice hurt can Favre keep up the excellence he has played with. I don’t think so. This team is still good but not as good as they were a year ago..remember everything went right for this team last year and they still couldn’t win.

Lions 6-10: They went out into the off-season and got help on the D-line and in the passing game, that should help this team win some games, but this is still a rebuilding project in Detroit.

Bears 4-12: Well, its a team in motion, a team trying to retool with out trying to rebuild, by adding peppers they should get to the QB but with question marks in the secondary and on offense this team looks like a bottom feeder.


Storyline: Who can top the Saints?

Projected Finish

Saints13-3 : the Best team in the NFC will benefit of an easy schedule, and with Brees this team looks like a lock to repeat as NFC SOUTH champs.

Falcons 10-6: Matt Ryan and Michael Turner are healthy and they should be able to help turn around a disappointing season last year into a more fruitful one this year

Panthers 5-11: They will have solid rushing attack TOP 2 in the league, but Matt Moore isn’t a staring NFL Qb and im not sold on that D, this team will struggle.

Bucs 2-14: Josh Freeman and a rebuild Bucs team will have their growing pains, it will a tough round for them this year, and that D will give up a lot points, but if they can get that run game going they could pull a surprise upset or two, late in the year


Storyline: Can Matt Hasselbeck return to glory, if so they should run away with the division.

Projected Finish

49ers: 10-6: Alex Smith will/should have better year, and with the addition of Westbrook that gives them a veteran leader on offense and should help out Frank Gore this year in the Run game

Seahawks 7-9: No Matt Hasselbeck wont return to glory but the team will be better and with Mike Williams having his old coach back he should have a pretty good year in Pete Carroll's West Coast offense.

Cards 6-10: Anderson is the make or break player on this team, and he will break it, and with no leinart as a backup plan this team will lose a lot games cause of Anderson's QB play.(late 4th quarter INT)

Rams:1-15: Bradford will go into this year with NO offensive weapons he can throw the ball two, he will have to rely on a Steven Jackson to carry the bulk of this offense on his should for this team to have a shot at winning some games.

NFC Playoffs


6:Falcons over 3:Cowboys 27-17

5:Eagles over 4:Niners 19-13


1:Saints over 6:Falcons 31-27

2:Packers over 5:Eagles 41-35 (OT)

NFC Champ

Saints over Packs 35-31

And the Superbowl Winners is:

Ravens over Saints 23-17

Hope you enjoy reading this and please feel free to leave comments.


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