Jacksonville Jaguars: How 2010 Is a Winning Year for the Jags

Robert MinnsContributor ISeptember 6, 2010

I am excited about the Jags games too!
I am excited about the Jags games too!Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Greetings all, football is just one week away and for all you Jaguars fans out there you know what time it is...

Tebow Time!

Ok just kidding, actually it is time for us to make a stab at season predictions while simultaneously making fun of our opponents!

So without further adieu, here is my game by game breakdown of how the Jag's season will play out:

vs Denver – W – Jacksonville has some magic when playing Denver (see ’96 Jags Cinderella win in wild-card). So with this game being at home in the humidity @ a nice hot 1 pm, I smell a win for the Jags.

@ San Diego – W – No Vincent Jackson, No L.T., No Cromatie, no chance. Philip Rivers will try his best, but the rest of the team is just too old.

Vs. Philadelphia – W – Kevin Kolb will have as many turnovers as TD’s. And the Jags win.

Vs. Indianapolis – L – As much as I want the Jags to win this at home, its just not gonna happen.

@ Buffalo – W – I am a little timid writing this win in cause Buffalo always seems to get its act together when they play us, but this team just seems too dysfunctional for me to believe the Jags will lose.


Vs. Tennessee – W – As long as Vince Young is the starter, just load the box and don’t rush the passer. VY will do the rest. In a repeat of the season opener two years ago, Vince disappears pouting into the locker room at halftime complaining about how the Jag’s CB’s are cheating as they jump his routes deflecting and intercepting his passes.

@ Kansas City – W – Matt Cassel? Just play that ‘tampa-2’ and don’t worry about the deep pass cause he can’t throw it (not that he has any receivers that can catch it).

@ Dallas – L – Is it December yet? Its only October? Ah crap! The Cowboys should still be good at this time of year besides Romo has improved his December anyway.

Vs. Houston – W – I have no reason to do this other than it being a home game for the Jags. Well and the fact that Houston lost its magic weapon against us (which was David Carr).

Vs. Cleveland – W – If Jake Delhomme is still starting, Jags are in business (as long as Jake Delhomme from ’03 doesn’t magically reappear). But whose gonna catch those passes anyway? Oh that’s right Josh Cribbs, well one man can’t make that D any better by himself, right?

@ New York Giants – W – This should probably be a loss since its in Giants Stadium, but I remember last years collapse of the Giants late in the season, and they only got older. Besides they have the wrong Manning to really punish our CB’s.

@ Tennessee – L – Tennessee has wised up by now and benched VY again, or at least given him very specific instructions to only handoff to CJ2K…


Vs. Oakland – W – This team will be much better than people think, and already has a top flight D. But this is in J-ville, and Kirk Morrison will be looking for some revenge.

@ Indianapolis –  W – Its time for the Jaguars bi-annual win against the Colts, hopefully this one will be in convincing fashion a la the 400 yards rushing a couple years back.

@Washington – L – This team will be elite with McNabb as the QB if he stays healthy, if he goes down, this becomes a W.

@ Houston – L – Battle Red day, its just about time that the Texans get a win, they seem to be a more complete team and should be clicking by the end of the season (they tend to get better). And maybe they will even have a decent starting HB by now…

So I am predicting a 11-5 record for the Jaguars with a wild card placement. I think the three games I am most uncertain about are Buffalo, Oakland, and Cleveland. That might sound silly but two of those teams have beat the Jags with inferior rosters last year, and the other has always been a Q      B away from being good.

My range for the Jaguars is 8-8 to 12-4 as a top record. Most people would say that the high end is optimistic, I might be inclined to agree. But I would point out that many of the teams that people think will be good might not.

For instance, I would expect the Eagles to have considerable growing pains with Kevin Kolb, a 9-7 record would be tops for them I would think. Especially with the Eagles giving away his line. Besides, if they were so confident in him why keep Vick as the most overpriced backup in the league?

Also the Giants, this is a team that completely collapsed in the second half of last season. Why should there be any reason for them to rebound? The project they drafted in Paul-Pierre? I think not. This team will be rebuilding soon, and I think they find out this year.

The Chargers are another team I would like to talk about. They have done nothing this season but trade away some of their best pieces on Defense and Offense (well trying with Jackson anyway). This team knows it rebuild mode and has been getting ready for it for two years. They are lucky they play in such a weak division. But now that the division is not so weak, I expect a big decline.

So anyway, that is my season prediction for the Jaguars. I think it is optimistic but not completely unrealistic. Hope you all enjoyed it, after all, it is just entertainment.