Brandon Spikes: Does the New England Patriot Deserve a Suspension?

Brian Shannon@bshannon15Correspondent ISeptember 1, 2010

Patriots safety Patrick Chung wants to know where he can get his hands on the tape
Patriots safety Patrick Chung wants to know where he can get his hands on the tapeJim Rogash/Getty Images

If Brandon Spikes' career as a football player fails, he can always go into movies.

Well, not those kinds of movies.

The Patriots rookie linebacker out of Florida is being investigated by the NFL for a video that shows Spikes and another women engaging in an "embarrassing situation."

No details have emerged as of yet as to who the situation was more embarrassing for, but it is known that a sexual act did occur.

The video was reportedly shot before Spikes was drafted as a member of the Patriots.

The question now is whether or not Spikes has violated the league's personal conduct policy that states, "All persons associated with the league are required to avoid conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the National Football League."

It's hard to believe that Spikes would be suspended for his debut film, but you never know how NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will handle the situation.

If he is suspended, that could set a precedent in the future, and Saints and Cowboys fans will have to begin to worry about Reggie Bush and Miles Austin, who have both dated Hollywood celeb Kim Kardashian.

We all know how much she enjoys the film industry. 

They most likely won't have anything to worry about though because the Spikes incident clearly took place while he was in college, and as Reggie Bush has also taught us, nothing you do wrong in college will affect you in the NFL.

The Patriots would definitely miss the presence of Spikes if he were to be suspended, as he has started every preseason game for the team this season and has registered 18 tackles.

Spikes was the 62nd overall pick in April's draft and one of the key players on Florida's national championship defense two seasons ago.

Patriots' coach Bill Belichick is known to run a tight ship, but it is doubtful that even he would take action against the former Gator.

The most likely course of action taken by the commissioner's office will be a stern talking to and a fine.

Spikes should have known this tape would get out and that it would end up making him look bad (on and off the screen).

Spikes needs to be smarter in the future in everything he does; one more wrong move and a suspension could be on the horizon.