Domination Against AFC West Rivals Determines Oakland Raiders Success

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIJuly 20, 2010

The road to success for the Oakland Raiders will be determined by its wins against rival teams in 2010. In particular, the San Diego Chargers.

The Raiders face the Chargers on October 10th and December 5th. These games will be key for the Silver and Black and a determinant of its future achievements.

Since the 1960 the Oakland Raiders have dominated the San Diego Chargers when it comes to overall wins. Currently the Raider govern San Diego when it comes to overall wins with 54 wins vs. San Diegos 44 wins.

There was a wider gap nine years ago when the Raiders played with superiority.  That play has been lost. Recently, the San Diego Chargers, alongside long- time RB LaDanian Tomlinson have defeated the Silver and Black continuously. Its been pure frustration for the Oakland Raiders and its loyal fans.

In fact, for a spell even the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos have looked at the Raider games as easy wins. Tom Cable however helped turn those games into wins for the Raiders and it seems the curse was lifted. Yes I called it a "curse".

In 2010 the Oakland Raiders are looking much improved. There has been little media drama since the arrival of coach Tom Cable, unless of course you count the boxing rounds with his ex-wife and an assistant coach. Tom Cable and the Oakland Raider organization handled those issues professionally and as of this season remain silent.

But looking back at the draft and recent signings it appears that Al Davis is once again putting together a world class, playoff bound , Oakland Raider squad.

So can the Oakland Raiders in all reality defeat the San Diego Chargers and reclaim a title it held for decades? The answer seems to be a strong YES. Yes because of the new camaraderie in Oakland. Yes because of the new workouts, players and mentality of the team. Yes because the Oakland Raiders removed cancerous players (JaMarcus Russell and Javon Walker) that were paid high salaries for incompetent play.

Oakland Raider fans can now look forward to a team that has a much improved defense. Defense wins games! The defensive addition of Rolando McClain, Richard Seymour, Kamerion Wimbley should open the door to better pass rushing and QB hurries.

Pressure on San Diego quarterback QB Phillip Rivers should create interceptions and mistakes. This is one factor.

The next has to be reading the San Diego Charger offense. San Diegos' gameplan against the Raiders has been simply to run against weak defensive line. Weak links on the line and bad calls have hurt the Raiders when it comes to playing the Chargers.

Anyone remember the Monday Night opener last season? So close and in the final rounds Darrien Sproles hits a hole. The defense played hard that night and JaMarcus Russell (who actually played decent) was at the helm but the game still ended up in a loss.

This season the Chargers have added Fresno State running back Ryan Matthews. Matthews is a solid RB and being from Fresno I seen his performance.  The Raiders defense should be able to stop him provided there is great play calling and communication on the D-Line.

Enter factor three. The Oakland Raider offensive time on the field. There can no longer be three and outs for the Raiders. Since the arrival of QB Jason Campbell, the Raider fans should see a Raider team with better time management. This will be accomplished by using RB Darren McFadden and power horse RB Michael Bush. This duo should pound away most opponents and their success will help the Oakland Raider defeat San Diego. The main thing here is to keep QB Phillip Rivers off the field. 

It really was depressing to see LaDanlian Tomlinson have his way against the Raiders. This season we would love to see Darren McFadden throw TD passes against the Chargers. If McFadden or Bush can get 3 rushing TDs life would be great and revenge would be sweet. I can only hope:)

In short, should the Raiders defeat the San Diego Chargers once this season, then an AFC title, possible playoff run. Should they defeat them twice, the certain playoffs. Raiders 9-7 yes, its very possible. Go Raidernation!