NY Giants Trade "Saint" Jeremy Shockey for Unproven Talent - Fans Left in Awe

Patrick ReadSenior Writer IJuly 22, 2008

July 22nd, 2008.

On April 26th, 2008, Michael Strahan gave one piece of advice for his team as he was deciding whether or not to retire, “Do not trade Jeremy Shockey, we need Jeremy Shockey!”

Not that it was a deciding factor for Strahan, but it was an issue for the then team captain.   And the Giant’s did not take the advice, trading Shockey for two draft picks, a second rounder and a fifth.

Say good-bye to the best ever New York Tight End, check the vid to make sure.  Man, NY does not know what they just did-warning.  NY fans miffed saying "see ya" to half their bowl winning team. Hopefully fans won't have to see the Saints v Giants anytime soon.

Just weeks ago Jerry Reese, Giant’s GM, said there was "no way they were considering a Shockey trade, that they just listened to the offer." Nixon just listened too, and what happened to him? 

Reese could have just shown Shockey some respect after all the media-professed lack of importance regarding Shockey.  Reese could have said that the Giants needed Shockey on their team; like Strahan did. 

The Chicago Bears went as far as to even serenade Brian Urlacher in a screaching re-mix of some Sound of Music retake live on TV to make him happy.

After the Giants "entertained trade ideas" Shockey felt unwanted, it shook his confidence and confused him. His reaction was to say he didn't want them either.  Can you see the schoolyard yet? 

How would you like it if you got caught sweet talking Shockey's girl at a party?  Well, that's what happened, and Shockey got all "shockey-like."

There is a reason that fighter pilots are so cocky.  Jeremy played every game like it was a super bowl, with supreme confidence and never gave up, not even a yard.  

Number 80 inspires others around him, and was just very aggressive towards opponents, and with big talent comes big media attention.

 ESPN, and many in the media say that the trade "eliminates distraction from the Giants."  Shockey did demand attention which took it off of the other guys who didn't want it, nor do they like it.  NY won the Super Bowl right, so how bad was the so-called distraction anyhow?

ESPN, headquartered in New England, is already rubbing the salt into the Patriot-Busting NY Giant wounds, saying "Shockey's fantasy rating goes up by leaving Eli Manning for Drew Breese."

Why was Jason Taylor even considered for a trade? It was the constant media blathering about, interferring and reporting every minute of Taylor's off-season like some tabloids do soap opera stars.  The probing reporters even got Bill Parcells involved in the off season rant, just like they did Shockey - who is a far easier target. 

Jeremy is young, tough, and full of piss-and-vinegar coupled with a media inflated ego which they in turn effectively popped, thus the trade. 80 is all heart getting his arms inked up with post 9.11 icon and making NY proud while he was knocking dudes over like barbie dolls, and literally carrying half a team's defense to the end zone (above). 

He felt snubbed becuase his team didn't step up for him. It was an ego thing, like Taylor said.  He wasn't exactly asking to be sung a lula-by, he was asking for clarity from his team about what was being offered everyday in the media. 

Several of the greats have been the same and were mostly worth it. He was never T.O-bad, no one was, but I give you Lawrence Taylor, LT, #56 -the crazed dog! And now Shockey has already vowed revenge on the Giants.   

With so many "flash-dancers" in the game today it was kind of nice to see a gruff knock-out puncher "put up or shut up" style player.  He even called one ex-Giant Coach turned rival- "a dork."

Plaxico Burress, a friend to Jeremy, did not expect this trade, and was "shocked" as he questioned the timing of the trade in awe.  I know, who needs him too, right?  He only caught the Super Bowl game winner.  Who needs a Super Bowl championship anyhow, who needs football for that matter, let’s all go play checkers, now that’s a sport!

The Giants officially released that they have 5 tight ends, which might be one to less then they need.   Hopefully they’re not considering to trade Eli because they have 4 quarterbacks, or of letting Jacobs go because they have 8 other backs, don’t even think about letting Burress or Toomer go (like Ike) because they have 11 wide receivers.

Coach Coughlin said, “We have five young kids who are all vying for the position, (the tight end) will be a very competitive position in training camp."  Really, how come- isn’t there a shoe in?

In 14 games this past Super Bowl winning year Shockey opened up the offense for Eli Manning to hit up Amani Toomer, Plaxico Burress,   and for “Thunder and Lightning” to finally be realized in Brandon Jacobs, and Ahmad Bradshaw; who I refer to as the "Killa’ B's (along with Burress)."

Unproven talent is taking the league over. There is no proof for these replacements to garnish such praise over yet - no matter how much they are hyped.

Jeremy was drafted in 2002, and proved himself a valuable commodity as the Giant’s tight-end right off the bat.  He was one man that the team and its fans could rely on. 

Stats don't lie, instead they tell it the way it is.  A rookie replacement, and second and fifth round draft picks, really? 

In only 6 years of play Shockey became 4th in All-Time Giant Receptions, 1st amongst tight-ends, 11th in All-Time Giant Yards, and 12th in All-Time Giant Touchdowns—leaving some pretty darn big shoes to fill.  I say again, he did all that in 6 years.

In 83 games, Shockey made 371 catches for 4,228 all Giant yards and for 27 Giant touch-down.  He must have been off in 2007, after all he only averaged 10.9 yards per carry, which is .5 less then his career-average, but then again he missed the last games because of injury.

Shockey had 57 cacthes in 15 games answering the question of who Manning thought more reliable.  After all he had a bad year for someone who hasn’t fumbled the ball in 3 years.  He’s got glue for hands, boulders for shoulders and a steal chin.  He was a "goon ship" that carried more thugs than Attica State Prison.

Boss, Number 89- not Bravaro, made 9 catches in the regular season over the period of 8 games, 4 of which were losses.

 Fans would do well to recall the long draught felt in New York after Mark Bravaro was gone. Who do you remember being this good since # 89?  Jeremy is the kind of guy who tells you that he is going to smack you hard in the face before he does it, and then he does it.

The Giants will miss having such reliable threat that could carry defenders around like stuffed animals on their side.  Jeremy was the best Giant TE since Mark Bavaro aka Rambo - who also won championships, and liked Shockey's play, though Shockey has better numbers - sorry Mark, liked the book though "Rough and Tumble."

Shockey did have the common courtesy, and respect to not wear Rambo's number - take a hint Kevin- it's a "rough and tumble" number on your back that should have been retired already. 

Boss "could" be a good permanent replacement, and "could" whind up being something that Shockey already "is," the best - stats don't lie, GM's do.  In his rookie-year Shockey had 72 receptions for 894 yards, but good luck Kevin. 

There have been a flood of Tight Ends in NY, and none were as good as Shockey...ever.  Let's see here- Bavaro, Boss, or Shockey; who doesn't fit? I guess Shockey and Bravaro because both were done away with like yesterday's trash.

The Giants have sold a lot of their championship team. First it was their defense that was changed as NY turned away from Gibril Wilson, and Kawika Mitchell and opted to not sign Craig Dahl, who was injured in his rookie 2007 yr but had 5 sacks. Then Michael Strahan retired. Now they got rid of their mouth-pieced pro-bowler who took attention away from Eli. 

Boss will not fill the shoes left him, just like Rodgers won't fill Favres either, but I wish them luck all the same in their attempt in replacing Legends of the Game.

So long Jeremy, thanks for all the records, and the push to the Bowl in 2008.  Say hello to the French Quarters, and have a Hurricane at Paddy's for me- just try not to remember NY too harshly.  I knew it was cold in New York, but just didn't know it was that cold.

Man is he going to break somebody's beak this year or what?  Hopefully it isn't anybody that plays on the Giants.




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