Buyer Beware: Why the Chicago Bears Should Be Wary of Terrell Owens

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistMay 26, 2010

ATLANTA - DECEMBER 27:  Terrell Owens #81 of the Buffalo Bills against the Atlanta Falcons at Georgia Dome on December 27, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I think you'll agree that right now in the NFL, sportswriters don't have much to talk about.  Besides the constant scrutiny and praise of the NFL's recent Super Bowl XLVIII announcement, the press hasn't been exactly hot as of late.

However, although the NFL is experiencing a rather "slow news period," one name does continue to hang around like a bad smell.  Yep, you guessed it, his name is Terrell Owens.

As we all know, Terrell Owens is to the NFL as water is to fish.  Both would be totally different without the other. 

And while Terrell Owens continues to search for a team like flipping through a 32-page phone book, the issue of Terrell Owens' homelessness is still unresolved.

Recently, I've debated Terrell Owens' case for more or less every NFL team recently.  Whether it's Philadelphia, Oakland, Washington, or Cincinnati most people have grasped the idea and thought of Terrell Owens in one jersey or another, and have been prepared to see a deal made. 

This of course, still hasn't happened.

One idea that I felt the NFL had moved on from, was Terrell Owens to Chicago.  It seemed that Jay Cutler wanted nothing to do with Terrell Owens, and the team felt that T.O's presence would only backpedal Chicago's future offensive plans.

For the most part, people tended to agree with the thinking behind this statement.  But now, Terrell Owens is back, and is literally hunting down Jay Cutler.

In case you have missed out on Terrell Owens' latest episode, or simply haven't bothered to care, here's a look at how Terrell Owens resorts to going about business these days.

“@ underground!! Waiting on jay cutler 2 come n here 2 explain how I wouldn’t fit n their system!! Where u @ Jay?!”.

So how should the Chicago Bears feel about this?

Well, realistically there is not much they can do, and Terrell Owens hasn't really done anything wrong.  However, if there is one thing that NFL fans know for sure, it's that Terrell Owens can be an extremely cunning predator.

I guess you could go as far as saying, Terrell Owens is Bear hunting.  He's tired of looking for the same old game, and is keen on trying his hand at a more historic team that may allow him to see out the final days of his career.

But before we get too ahead of ourselves here, like every good story, there is of course another piece to the puzzle.

Funnily enough, Terrell Owens fooled us all when he announced that he just happened to run into Jay Cutler and Greg Olsen in Chicago.

“naww I’m n town 4 business! Just happened 2 run n2 jay,” Owens told the world.

Personally, I am no expert on Chicago, but I do know how awkward it is running into somebody you simply don't want to see.  This is probably how Jay Cutler felt when he saw Terrell Owens' smiling face that eventful day.

For Chicago Bears fans, the time isn't to panic.  Some are in favour of Terrell Owens possibly signing with Chicago, while others take the more sensible approach and recognize what No. 81 could do to muddle up their finally balanced offense.

Sooner or later, I hope to be able to deliver a verdict on this issue that is a certainty.  As of right now, all of this talk is of course meaningless and up in the air.

For those who are oppose to a Chicago Bears deal with Terrell Owens, let's just hope and pray that Lovie Smith is aware of Terrell's scheme.  He is all too educated on manipulating teams, and whether it's Philadelphia or Dallas, Chicago needs to assert themselves immediately that they are no pushover team for Terrell to sign with.

As it is well noted, Terrell Owens is egotistical.  He believes he is truly the greatest, so it is a given that he thinks it is in God's plans for Chicago to sign him.  We in the real world of course think differently.

Buyer beware of Terrell Owens, as a signing on the dotted line doesn't come with a receipt.